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what did you do to your mkv today?


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I ordered Konig Oversteer 18x8 45 mms offset wheels. I just got the car 10 days ago. Recently upgraded to Powerbass. 12" subs and Amp Sunday. Gonna lower it next. I'm going with a tried and true suspension setup. Konica and Nuespeed springs.
I've got some H&R sport springs if ya want! 0 miles on em and a 1.5" drop, looking for $200ish, negotiable. Lemme know if you're interested :thumbsup:


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This was the past week.. thought I'd share since I didn't have time to post throughout the week.
Bought tires, Front and Rear Strut Mounts, New Bearings for the Front, got the tires mounted/balanced, Put in my new Baby on Board sticker from my Dealership. :) Wife wanted one, so I figured I'd get a nice(r) one than the generic yellow ones.

Ordered my H&R Super Sports. Booked my appointment for Alignment, Outer CV Boot changed (Drivers is torn), and having a CTS Turbo Catback installed on May 30th to be mated with my Raceland DP before I Get a Unitronic Stage 2 tune.
Where did you get this Baby on Board sign? I tried my local dealer and they do not have one.


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Just did my plugs and ignition coils. Thanks for the info everyone! this is a great source of knowledge!

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Went with my cousin to pick up his new MK7 GTI. I want one so badly, but my company just bought me a brand new 2018 Ford Escape, every bit of which including gas and insurance is covered by them, so I couldn't justify getting the MK7.