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So far I have carbon paddles but I plan on doing wheels, coils, cosmetic mods, intake, exhaust, and a stage 1 tune soon. Also, if you guys are selling any cool parts let me know!
Hey there guys, my name is Lucas and just over 3 weeks ago I bought my first "performance" car, my 2013 Autobahn GTI. I couldn't be more happy with this car. I bought it completely stock with just under 48k miles on it. With that being said, I plan on putting some modifications into this car to make it a daily that is quick but is still practical. I'm open to any ideas you guys may have! Much love <3
What are the part numbers on the coil overs. I have a 2017 MK& Gti and may be interested in them.
Front shocks are 100 1009 and rears are 800 1120. They won't fit a GTI, only a Golf