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Hey, I am currently in the market for a manual 2016 golf R, preferably with DCC, would be open to mods. If anyone knows of a car close to $25000 please let me know!!
Not sure if this is the right place to post this...
Hit a curb in the gti and messed up front right (passenger) suspension.

2015 Gti autobahn

anyone have any parts available?
looking for
steering knuckle
ball joint
tie rods
wheel bearings
possibly control arms
The Fed
The Fed
IIWY, I would see if you bent the unibody first. I'd buy a new ball joint and wheel bearing, and try to get the rest of the hard parts from a recycler.
Hello Don,
Can you share the wiring diagram of the MK7 center console buttons? I bought a ESP OFF + Driving mode buttons (AliExpress) to fit in my 2019 Alltrack but I can't find any instructions and pinout for those buttons.
Thanks a lot!
You are a real champion! Thank you VERY much for helping me! Those 2 schematics are lifesavers! The ESP OFF button I bought from AliExpress came with no instructions and pinout was only 1-2-3-6 so only the driving modes button would work.
My Alltrack 2019 only have the driving mode button for now. Now I need to remove the pins from the new AliExpress harness and install a wire in my existing center console buttons harness to pin 9 only. This should give me the ESP OFF functionnality if I read those schematics right. Am I right?
Actually I think I'm wrong... I need to connect pin 9 (center switch module) to the T17d connector pin 5 (TIUL Coupling Point). I can't see this connector (T17d) on your schematics... do you have it by any chance? Thanks again!!!
Trying to be able to get into Tapatalk for the first time in a while....says to give you a buzz. Thanks in advance!!