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  • hello people.. as many of you know. i have an alloy wheel repair shop here in the south coast of spain.. now seeing im so far from most of you and cant offer to do the work, i can offer to try talk you through the repair on your wheels in question so it might be able to get done at home by ftw. i get endless pms and emails asking how to do this and what happens if i do this.. ill happily try help out any fellow mkv member in the best way i can. so feel free to pm me with emails as i love to help and try let you guys save a few $..
    wheelfixitspain website
    facebook page here
    check out my latest work on my facebook page as there are millions of photos of wheels I have complete.
    Hey Elliott,

    Im about to get into refinishing the WORK VS-xx wheels and had a few questions that google couldnt really answer. So I thought, well Ive seen Elliott refinish wheels why not ask him.

    The only thing that Im not really seasoned in is refinishing the actual bolts. I have Gold Work bolts and a few of them seemed to be tarnished (faded) and they all have a bit of rod grime stuck to them. I was wondering if you have any ideas on how to fix this.

    Also I have read that using regular metal polish will actually remove the gold color so again Im stuck on what to use to actually clean them.

    Thanks for your time!


    PS. Your Inbox is full :thumbsup:
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