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    Eurocars build thread

    💪🏻 Yes Eric! I’m glad to see your still involved!
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    Audi A1 by mgpdoc ••

    Glad to see you still at .. the mk5 also?
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    Elliott's "meh" build thread

    Thanks man
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    Elliott's "meh" build thread

    ... a little touch of gold.
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    Elliott's "meh" build thread

    Well hello everyone- it’s been a long time since been on here said hello and updated this thread.. Probably mostly new guys on here as I’ve been around since for ever so I can imagine not many if any I know . I’ll try update some stuff.. car is still as loved as ever but hasn’t changed much...
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    OG's thread, show us what you're in now.

    this thread of for all the og's(you know who you are) Not sure if this will take off but would love to see what those that I'm not still in touch with(and those that I am) are driving all these years later. It's thanks to you guys I got my car to where it is now. Made some good interweb friends...
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    Golf mkv google earth.

    Anyone else found their car on google earth. Post a pic This is just 50m down the road from my garage parked outside the Chinese supermarket.
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    Elliott's "meh" build thread

    So I have been on this forum 8 years and never thought there was much point on myself making a thread for my car seeing I had only ever done what every other mkv has. Seen it all before in my eyes so why clutter up the forum with many threads the same. However after purchasing the car new...
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    Rcd510 iPod interference

    Posted this in an old thread to no avail but maybe someone one will look here. I think it is due to the pins needing re-located but would like some advice before ripping it back out again. You can hear the noise I am getting here...