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  • Hey man, sorry I haven't contacted you back. Been so busy going back n forth from the uk and Spain trying to get all my machinery sorted for the new premises I have. So much to do!
    You might have already done what you needed with the gold bolts.. Not sure , as it was a while ago you asked. If not , send me a pic over on here or you could upload it to my Facebook work page(link in sig) and I will try help any way I can.
    Are they plaited or anodised or what? And what is the matter with them. Corrosion or do you just want them more shiny/bling. Any way send me a pic over so I can see what you are trying to achieve and I will try help in any way I can. Do be careful though as you said an abrasive metal polish is probably not a good idea. Try on the threaded side first before striping the part of that matters if it does go wrong.
    Once more I appoligies it took so long to get back in contact with you but I hope you understand.
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