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My DaiLy_ProJecT • Golf MKV GT


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The capacity is not that much less... But the right spray pattern on the S3 ones make them as good in this engine! You can have your RS4 injectors revuild but that costs a lot and not many can do it!


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With 4 S3 injectors you cannot hope for more than 400hp
With the RS4 ones you can see 550hp

These things are known years ago, at least here in Greece, so it's like discussing which side of the horizon the sun rises from, kind of, you know, hehe :)

The spray pattern of the RS4 ones isnt ideal, however if tuned properly you dont get a black rear bumper like most people do. Again, I am talking from experience :)




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Ok, so it depends much on the tuning part then? I´ve heard that engine temp rise when using RS4 injectors?! What internals are you going to use?
Do you know how to remove the Charcoal cannister without it throwing a cel?
It takes up valuable space for my feature catch can...


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So where were we . . . Oh yes, I didnt have much time to update my thread, mostly due to being busy at the hospital, but also, i did serious work on the daily project as well as the RS4PRA. So . . . first things first

I had to pay, not happily at all, for a new AC unit.

Summer in Greece is not easy, so that was needed

Then, I fabricated a roof mount

For my Thule Dynamic 900 box

Photos of the finished product, later on

Then, I received another box

It was all about not opening it, and taking my own risks, blah blah blah

Let me take my goggles

Well hello there

Lets install it with Tom, shall we

Removing the pump

Let's just say, I was less than happy to see this condition on the new cam follower I installed 4000km with no serious revving at all.
Looking at the cam shaft, I knew it had seen better days.

While we were there, we changed the plug of the pump - stripped

Used JDM Toyota Supra harness, hehe

And then it was testing time - of course the road was closed, blah blah blah

Tom tuned the ECU

Car was great - for a K03 that is -

Then I received some carbon kevlar port package among other stuff for the Audi. Sharing is caring, so . . .

Then, after work, I was on my way to the post office to ship some things.
I was on the national road, left-fast-lane, going easily, when the Fuel Pressure Red Light came on. I knew I had to stop, but I couldnt stop immediately. Gradually I pulled to the right and stopped the car. Before I stopped it, the engine was not sounding right. All 4 cylinders working, but it was rough. I then towed it to the garage. I knew it was a used engine, and it was a risk in the first place, so let's open it and see what had happened inside it, we thought. I personally thought it was game over for the engine to be honest. But let's see.

Let's begin

Out with the front end

Let's go underneath that body

Come here you little engine

Started removing parts quickly

Once again, amazed by the amount of stupid unnecessary brackets and stuff in the engine, bye bye to them



Ready to race!
Tom was curious to see what had happened

Then I removed the gearbox, all the things from the engine block, and took everything apart. I will take photos of that tomorrow, cause the camera battery died. We were, the least to say, surprised to see, that the crank, pistons, rods, everything was perfect inside. No drama, nothing.

The head was a bit dry from oil. From what we saw, this was an engine, that the previous owner didnt care enough to change oil like he should, it had dirt in the sump, and was cooked oil inside, like dealership oil, in dealership maintenance time gaps. All in all, no drama, no nothing.

The Oil filter housing will be thrown away, and the oil sump pump, seems to have zero issues. That is why there were zero issues in the engine block.

However, now that i have opened the engine, it would be a shame to put everything in place again, stock like it was, isnt it . . . .

Stay tuned guys, more to come :)
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Ready to race!
I know this is just my daily project, but let's see what I ordered for it.

JE Pistons

IE Rods

ACL Race Calico

SUPERTECH Springs - Retainers

SUPERTECH Intake + Exhaust Valves


IE Ultimate Fastener Kit

ATP Turbo Exhaust Manifold

WG Adapter

TiAL 50mm Q BOV

TiAL 38mm MVS WG

VF Engineering Short Shifter

VF Engineering Engine Mount

VF Engineering Transmission Mount

VF Engineering lower mount

And finally, a turbo for these all

PTE 6266

More to come, stay tuned guys​