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I asked for that too and it isnt sold anymore as new.
I would like to get one.
It is not needed for these bars, they are as aerodynamic as it can get
I'd love it though just for looks
If you can find me one, by all means

Thule doesnt list it in their catalogues nowadays

What is more i am looking in the dynamic carriers direction


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So, last Sunday, i thought why not go for a nice ride in the sunny day of Athens, next to the sea. It all was great, until the point that my gearbox decided it could take no more.
First, the 2nd gear would not come in place, and then, it got worse with the gearbox making weird sounds.
I was easy on driving, trying to bring it home. Thing is, home was about 100km away, so it was a risk, that I had to take.
Rattling and braking noises became even worse, and then i started smelling lubricant burning. I knew the gearbox was destroyed by now.
The car, amazingly, managed to take me back, and make it to the shop, which opened for me on sunday night. Such a hero car, really.

Oh it will spend some lonely time in here

May I present to you the damage

Yeap, when I am onto damaging something, I aint kidding

Transmission Oil everywhere below

So let's do some work

And out it went

Leaving us with this

Then you might say . . . why on earth do they remove the engine, so as to change a gearbox and clutch-plate kit ?

Well the truth is . . . I might have gotten some more plans in my head instead of putting money on the old setup . . .

Got these . . .

And these . . .

And this . . .

And them, I also had to get something to fit them on, didn't I ?

So I did

Started collecting parts from the stealership

Lost no time and did my first mod - LoL - shortened the oil filler cap

Set of 4 new RS4 CoilPacks

Much more to come :)

Stay tuned



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More stuff arrived today in my hands

OEM TFSi Gearbox Linkage

Auxiliary belt

Coilpack wiring protection

Valve cover gasket

Gaskets and second oil filter for first oil change

Gear linkage accessories and cam follower latest revision too

Another expensive part for the gearbox

Then this

Removed some parts

Masked them

And played with them

More to come

Cheers guys


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Hhhmmmm.. They look super yellow. Are the still transparent ? Interested to see how they look after installed. I love my laminx and the thing for me is I fail the road safety test with them being covered so every two years I have to remove and then re do them.


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Yes, I agree, they look super yellow.
Unlike the red and smoke tint spray this company makes, this one, in thin layers of spray would look rather dull and not shiny. Like it was sanded kinda.
So I put more coats on.
It is very yellow, and it did not come out like I had in mind, like the laminX ones.

To be honest I am kinda bored to order the laminX ones, but I am not so sure light goes through mine. I will have to see how they look and decide. Either way it was fun , hehe :)


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Well engine needed some love , and I intended of giving it to it

Dirty parts are not my thing

So I started washing parts

Look at this side before

And after

Again, didnt go crazy, just wanted to improve the overall result, and also make it nicer to work on

Cleaned the ventilation of the valve cover

Removed this

And I will also remove the crane hook once engine is in for a cleaner look

Spotted more areas that needed attention

So had a go at them too


Looking better already

HPFP cleaned too

New Rollers and belt kit installed

New bearing

And yet a whole new bunch of parts today

New side caps that are separated for easier inspection

New Bov

New plugs and oem wiring that was broken

New crankshaft pulley bolts


One sidecap installed

second installed

One nipple from the N75 was broken so I took the GT one, which was the same

And also installed my GT A/C Compressor

On another note, I decided to re-do my fog lights in the legit way with this

Came out great, as expected tbh

More to come



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removes whole engine to do cambelt change ..... hahahaha ... great work man!! i struggled for a day to change the camblet and pulley on my car ...
wish i could clean my parts like that!!
Thanks man
But i suggest you read the story again :)


Ready to race!
So not many things done, mostly parts gathering, and yet still not all is here yet.

Got new Flywheel bolts

More RS4 Parts

Installed my fog lights back on

I still havent sourced the ECU and Gauge Cluster and some more wiring harness that I want. And that is an issue I will have to address if I want to get the car moving again. We shall see.



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The fog lights turned out great!

Have any thoughts about installing a front intercooler, for the looks?
With read hoses behind the fog-light cover = NICE