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My DaiLy_ProJecT • Golf MKV GT


Ready to race!
So I have started putting some work while waiting for parts to arrive

Accessory parts bracket before

Timing side mount before

Really tired looking, so thought I'd fix that

Next to the vc I cleaned thoroughly

Now let's see about this which is trickier

Changed this valve, although it was working perfectly


Much better

I need to do this to other parts as well, to feed my OCD madness.




Ready to race!
So, time for another update.

Spend a lot of time doing work on the car while waiting for parts.

First, I wanted to do something with the gearbox.

Before pics of it

Seen better days

Came out decent

I was thinking of painting it, but it will surely come out again very soon, both for clutch kit, and to change the 4th gear, or the gear that i will destroy one way or another. Been in the tfsi game for some years, i know that will happen, so already, ready, LoL. So that will do for now

Then, i remembered I have the Precision Intercooler from the Audi

cleaned and will propably replace the S3 8P IC i already have

Then, being that the car has been a daily for some years now, it is only logical that it has been filled with grime over time.

Pics of said engine bay filth

Left to dwell with special mixtures of cleaning stuff

and then out came the water pressure and brushes, which resulted in this

Really excited with the results

After the bath

It went inside again to sleep



Ready to race!
So i have some more things to show you.

Removed the front end to pieces and decided to clean everything separately.

The S3 8P intercooler was instantly sold that day without even listing it

Then it was time to reduce some of the crap that sit on my intake manifold

Fuel vapor lines

Removed tb to work better on the manifold

Time for this to go

and it will go for sale

Pile of junk getting bigger

And then of course i removed these from the manifold ports

and re-installed the small plastic side caps to fill the gaps (the ones APR is selling as billet )

Then I cleaned and enhanced all the hoses

Removed OEM engine mounts and fixed some scratches

Driver's side

And then things got interesting. Had a big shopping day at the stealership

Shared no expense wanted to go new all the way



Ready to race!
Wait that's not all

As well as these gaskets

Then, I thought, let's find an OEM GTI Intercooler

Let's hack the end tanks out of it gently

Let's cut the unnecessary connecting ends

And then, clean them and use them as very light spacers/installation kit for the oem ac radiator and mishimoto radiator, lol :)

more to come, stay tuned guys



Ready to race!
Found this in my steering wheel this morning.

They come in teams of 4 I guess

Then I sourced some Audi parts, like my 4in intake

Plenty of heat sleeve

My AEM filter

Got dirt ? LoL

And a small teaser of things that have started to arrive

Engine is being cleaned and getting ready for assembly . . . stay tuned . . .



Ready to race!
So some more boxes

Sorry China

Let's see what's inside them

Transmission mount

Engine mount

I love the quality of these things

I will also be using the Audi TiAL 50mm BOV and bought a new Aluminum Flange for it as well

Bought some of this

Well ok, not just some of it

Yes I wont forger dear DEI

Then some rods

Good old IE rods that have done the trick with great success over years

Nothing fancy to show you here

Threw some bearings in there as well

And then I also found this

Which is not the VF one I went for initially cause they were not in stock

Great quality to be honest

And then a place for the turbo to sit on

More to come guys




Ready to race!
I think I found my engine oil while wondering around in the garage

Oh there they are

Motul 300V Chrono 10W40 and these for the first round of drinks for the engine

Then it was time to move to the front end

And test-fit the mounts from the oem IC and see if everything would work like it should

AC radiator on top of them

And done

Next the radiator and fans assembly

Then it's a matter of chopping in order to fit this serious size IC from PTE

and everything will come together

Then some work on the car till engine is back from the machine shop

Feel free to call me crazy

But I will do what i did with the Audi and loved it

Look again

Whereas some more things arrived

Still missing the two shiny things that will sit on the exhaust manifold.