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My DaiLy_ProJecT • Golf MKV GT


Ready to race!
So let's pick up from where we left

Here is a pic of the quick fix we did on the exhaust .Not looking pretty, but will definitely do the job for now, bringing together the 3' downpipe with the 2' catback.

The remaining front axle went on next

And then it was time for the mishimoto

Fitment was tight

And the GT A/C piping would not work, it needed the GTi piping.
Didnt see that coming, given the A/C Compressor is the same. So, luckily for me, I grabbed Tom's piping, who has long ago removed his A/C piping, hehe

Now you see the induction scoop

Now you dont

Car got somewhat filthy from all these days in the shop

Fixed that with a quick going over

Then, it was time for the electrical work - it was tricky - but if you know your thing, and want it to be done, it can be done, bossy style - no errors no nothing, all oem stuff. Some randoms pics

Then I took piece from the back of the firewall

Can you guess that is unacceptable for my tastes ?

So removed the . . . thing , cleaned it, and had this to begin with

Which after some serious effort and time, became this

Installed in place to see how it came out

Yeap, looking good

Then, the front custom mesh was looking a bit tired

Nothing I cant fix

Painted and came out great and fresh again

Bought some new parts

Replaced the first one - because it was damaged

Then the upper one - old vs new to be installed

And then I changed the appearance of the radiator fans a bit

From this

To this



Ready to race!
So, time for a proper update

Came to the exhaust shop

Excuse the pics - only had the 5s with me, not my camera at that point

I already had the 3in Downpipe, and my 3in rear muffler, the plan was to make the cat back in 3in as well.

The ugly connection before

Different parts from the years that have passed


Pipe being prepared

Test fitting

In situ

Rear connection - front one, downpipe to catback is a v-band

Wrapping it up

Besides the exhaust, I had to fabricate or modify my Air Intake.

First I thought I'd modify my 1,4 Gt one, but then I thought the filter might go somewhere else

So started working on that

Came out great to be honest -full 3in, no maf - not needed at all since my tune will be totally custom, already is by Tom- thus, keeping it simple :)

Now, you know that I am a fan of aluminum, however at this pipe I chose a different material because I wanted this porn

However, I couldnt say no to powdercoating it wrinkle black either

So this happened

I think it is great

Then we had some mud rain

So decided to give both of our golfs some love

Got this

Installed in place - with the side clips - need to see if I can find the yellow instead of orange lower fitting mount

Then I received this sexy item I was waiting for, from the trim shop

Porn isnt it ?

Like I said, car is running a solid ecu tune now, and along with the full 3in exhaust, Air intake, S3 Intercooler, RS4 Valve, it is stretching its legs nicely. For now.

Cheers :)
More to come



Ready to race!
Always a pleasure to share.
I might sell it in the future if a big turbo decides to live its life under my hood.
You never know, haha :)


Go Kart Champion
Scottish but live in Spain.
Jelly if how you did the ebrake. I only did the sock but this is way better.
Great update as always.. Truly enjoy thus thread everyone I come back to see more I'm never disappointed.


Ready to race!
So, nice things have been happening during the past few days.

First of all, I am enjoying the car, with the new engine, already done some serious mileage, and everything seems well sorted out, just like i wanted it to.
It must be running 300-ish now, and it is fun to drive.

I hate the fwd combined with some torque, but hey, never mind that. For now.

Remember back in the days that I had installed the Thule Aeroblades ?
Well they went there for a reason.

Here is the main reason.

Thule Dynamic 900
The most sporty, aerodynamic and sleek roof box

Sporty, aerodynamically streamlined design with diffuser technology to optimize air flow around the box and a roof-hugging baseline to fit your car roof perfectly.
Pre-installed Power-Click quick-mount system with integrated torque indicator for fast and secure fitting using one hand only.
Dual-Side opening with outside lid handles for convenient mounting, loading and unloading.
Central locking system provides maximum safety. The grip-friendly Thule Comfort key can only be removed if all locking points are securely closed.

It was not cheap, to be honest, but if I were to add something on the top, I just wanted the best out there, concerning capacity, quality, looks and aerodynamics.

Some pics

Then we welcomed May with some mountain climbing

It was great practice and fun !!

Then I found this on my new Supra Diff

Mini suspension . . . . or . . .

Destroyed key maybe - lets fix that

And then I installed my Boost gauge - going old school like I wanted

Have to add the lines, and lighting, but getting there

Cheers, more to come​


Ready to race!
So mostly been enjoying the car

Then i received something I had ordered some time ago, the CTS Turbo, PCV Revamp Kit for 2.0 Tfsi. Consisted of this

And this

Installation was pretty straight forward

Old OEM setup



And the block of thing on the IM which also has the port for vacuum lines

Came out really clean, and also took the line inside the cabin to connect to my boost gauge

Video of it working - Hit HD Quality

Washing session with friends

And then took this little video to practice for better ones- Hit HD Quality

Cheers more to come​


Ready to race!
So, knowing me by now, you guys must know that I always have ideas. So one of them that I wanted to go through with, was the movement of the battery to the trunk. Better weight distribution, cleaner engine bay, and more space to put potentially bigger things in the future to come. Who knows.

So lets see how it went

Removed the battery, and the battery tray - wont be missed little fella

This is where we will be working for this project

Removed and modified oem wiring first

Do everything clean and tidy to be on the safe side for ever

Ran all the wiring inside the cabin, hidden and tucked and then figured a way to mount the battery

This is a Jeep Wrangler battery mount we had from on of our Jeeps.

Battery mount, and place for the negative side of battery, welded in place

Test fitting

Cut this, so as to fit

And my trim shop will make a cover for it, soon to follow

Engine bay so much cleaner, and I love it

More to come

Cheers everyone​