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My personal go kart track.

Das Gespenst

Go Kart Champion
Glen Ellyn
So we bought my daughter a go kart for Christmas 2 years ago. Slowly over time we tossed the idea of building a legit gokart track in our back yard. So, we did! It's a major work in progress and has gone through several iterations until we found a route/course we liked. Ended up with a Daytona ring and a figure 8. Going to edge it and put some planter boxes along the straights, big bank turn in the rear we are bringing dirt in to create our own Daytona bank turn. It will actually be 2 turns that join into one big sweeping bank.

Here's the finalized track route.

Had to regrade and repair one of the main turns. Late night working.



just clowning around
I wish I had that nice of a gokart growing up. My most vivid memory from living in Mexico one summer was doing some gokarting and flipping the damn thing against a tire wall. Dowsed myself in gasoline. The track attended came over, checked me out, flipped the thing over, added more gas and gave me a slap on the back. So I finished the course, dowsed in gasoline... And had the seat ripped outta my shorts, which I realized later, so my boxer covered butt was hanging out.