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  • Hey I just moved to Lakewood. Getting an mk6 R this week. Would be nice to make friends with local guys who know these cars inside and out. Text me 440-907-9404 Nick.
    Giải pháp lưu trữ tối ưu đối với văn phòng kệ để tài liệu, hồ sơ với tính năng vượt trội, thiết kế thông minh, tiện lợi, đa năng và thích hợp với mọi không gian.
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    sup sup man how u been! just wondering what exhaust ur running and how loud on scale 1-10 is it. Im looking for something deep and aggressive and honestly.. i kinda want it to be loud but not obnoxious. im not interested in doing straight pipes or anything like that. Just something defiantly noticeable. any advice ?
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