My 4 years in, time for a build thread


Ready to race!
Toms River, NJ
Four years into owning this car, deciding to put a thread together. This is what I had going on before December:

Exterior Mods:
Votex front lip & side skirts
R32 rear
Jetta chrome grills
Shaved front markers
Chrome mirror caps
Chrome edition rub strips
Tinted tails

Engine/ Performance (up to Jan 2013):
Revo Stage 2 software
EJ Cold Air intake
EJ 3” Turbo back
EJ 2.5” Throttle pipe
EJ Grenade DV Relocation
EJ Polished Valve Cover
Polished BSH Mounts

Bagyard bombers up front with swaybar and powergrid endlinks
Bagyard classics out back
Management One) Autopilot V1

Management Two) Accuair E-level

Full polished BBS Super RS 18x8et42, 18x9et50
This car has one set of wheels and will remain on them till the end, too many hours:

First year with it bagged and on some wheels: Car Shots/edited.jpg

SOWO 2011 (My first one and not my last)

SOWO 2012:

H2O 2012:

Which brings us to today…and the bay.
I’ve talked about doing it for a couple years now, but couldn’t bring myself to take the car apart. This year I went for it. I started with the wiring. I chose to do it this way to make sure I don’t forget anything when I go to put it back together and have to drill a hole into my fresh paint:

Taking everything out and getting everything labeled:

Harness pulled into the car:

What the driver’s side of the bay looks like without the junk:

Fuse panel mounted in glovebox:

A couple shots from the past week:

And a quick video my brother made, his first go at videography:

I'll keep updating as I make progress, and parts come in, get polished, powdercoated, all that good stuff:screwy:


Ready to race!
Toms River, NJ
Today's updates are parts related, all of my motor work and parts are being performed by my buddy Tyler at Island Sport Works here in Toms River:
Got my Integrated H-Beam rods:

Big ol' intercooler courtesy of Unitronic:

RS4 injectors:

I disassembled my trans to be powdercoated and install my USP steel shift forks and Wavetrac LSD when it gets here:

More metal updates later this week:beer: