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  • May be an old question, but what rear bumper do you have? the one in your signature. I have only ever seen that "half cut" diffuser twice. once on here(yours) and once at the employee parking where I work. and it looks sick
    i saw a post from i beleive from one of your boys about installing lowering springs up in 201. what you cost?
    Just saw your GTI on a post, wanted to let you know you did a good job, I want mine to look like that (flat black front) I too have a UG.

    HEY man i just put in my Fk high sports today. Alphards should be here Friday what height did u run? like in ur sig perches in? how many threads etc? i want that :)
    Sup man i live in Union County Nj I have 19 * 8.5 bbs lm reps wheels are in good condition and tiers have a lot of life on them left one wheel has a small ding in it but can fix that up if your willing to trade even or we can work it out
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