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    Manual intake valve cleaning

    Getting prepped to take the manifold off and scrape some valves for the first time. At 140k miles. Yeah, I know. It's not causing me problems but I want the lost potential back. I did a chemical cleaning the other day. So, what should I have handy as far as tools and supplies? I'm prepared to...
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    Cheap coils or new springs?

    Howdy. I've got 135k on my GTI now and the suspension seems to be getting a little tired, or I'm getting tired of it. I've got the Koni STR.T struts with H&R super sport springs currently and I'm finding it too harsh for my daily driving through the constant state of destruction that is CT...
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    WTB/WTT- Wolfsburg/Jetta grilles

    Just throwing it out there, I want to change up my look a bit. Have good honeycomb stuff. Looking for the whole shebang; upper, lower, fogs. Located in northwestern CT, looking to trade or pay cash for the right stuff. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Cascading Codes- Lets play guess the problem

    Ok, so I've been having some issues lately. It's been brutally cold here in CT this winter just like last winter and I've had some hard cold starts and a random CEL that would come and go. I also decided to go stage 1 with DM. The following things have been done in this order- *Oil change and...
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    Best DD Stg 1 Tune (K03)

    I'm finally going to drop some money on a stage 1. The car is a daily driver, goes on a 70 mile commute everyday, so it's safe to say I don't care about being the fastest car on the block. I want the safest, most reliable tune I can get. I have access to APR, Unitronic, and possibly Revo within...
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    Calling all Dads

    I'm going to be a father in November and we got a couple of car seats as gifts, test fitting one of them in my 2-door proved to be impossible. It's one of those 3 in 1 infant to booster seats though. Its enormous. Trading in the car is absolute last resort. My wife has a Hyundai Sonata and we'll...
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    Boost changes after new turbo

    I had to replace the turbo on my 07 FSI, got a rebuilt K03 for a great deal. Immediately following the swap out, at WOT the boost reading would spike to 15, get a bit erratic, grab somewhere around 13, then bleed to 10 at higher rpm, which seemed odd, but I've read is normal. After a few days...
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    FSI turbo problems

    Hello all, recently my turbo started getting louder and louder, and today I think it popped. It's making a loud screech and not building boost at all. There is oil present on the turbo. The cars been oil leaking a bit in the past year, but we all know that's not unusual, and I kept on top of it...
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    Oil going bye bye

    So I've clearly got an oil leak "somewhere on the back of the motor". (Mechanic acquaintance's quick look). The car is an 07 FSI GTI, no major motor mods, just neuspeed intake, rev D DV w/forge spacer, 42DD boost tap, frankenAPR catback. It does however have 105k miles. Losing 1-2 quarts between...
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    Time for brakes- best bang 4 buck?

    After 96k miles (70k or so under my ownership), my OEM brakes finally started squealing. So I'd say its time to go ahead and start compiling parts. The car is a 2007 GTI, daily driver, 90% highway commuter. Just planning on pads and rotors so far, but I've never been totally satisfied with the...
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    Official Black Magic GTI (Z4Z4) Pics Thread

    Good day to get the bike dirty and the car clean! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pics of your other rides

    I had a '98 ZX2 for years, it was a great car, much better than the early focus we had. Only problem I ever had was the tailpipe rusting off and the alternator blew, although I could blame that on the 1000 watt SQ sound system, lol. Only have 2 cars at the moment, my GTI and the wife's Sonata...
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    Squeaks and clucks after lowering

    Hey guys, just finished lowering my 07 GTI on koni str.t struts and H&rR super sports. I'm getting some squeaks and what I can only describe as "clucking" noises (sounds almost like swaybar noise, but not as dramatic as a lost bushing) at low speeds. I haven't taken it for an alignment yet but...
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    suspension install- Northwest CT

    Hi guys, I just bought some lightly used Koni STR.T struts and H&R springs... here's the fun part: I have no idea how to install them! Well, I have some idea. I've participated in such things, but on other cars. If anyone can lend some advice, or steer me toward a professional/experienced person...