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I have nothing to do with the meet just thought I'd share with everyone on here[/B]

Since the founding of in 2007, we have held our annual Spring Meet each year. After 6 events and nearly doubling in size each year, we realized last year that it was time for a change. Our event had grown into something that we could no longer control in its current format. Last year's event drew nearly 400 cars; over half of which were NOT Hondas or Acuras. The parking lot was full even before the event's official start time. This lead to Kaysville City shutting down the event early due to the huge turnout and high volume of traffic without any prior notice. We knew it was time for a major change this year.

We are proud to announce and introduce the Import Spring Showoff, an evolution of our Annual Spring Meet. An entirely new event that is catered towards ALL makes and models. Not just Hondas. Our goal for this event was to make it more than a meet but less than a show. We want to blend meet and show aspects into one event that caters to all import enthusiasts no matter what their budget is. That means a New Venue, New Date, and a whole New Event.

Where: Davis County Fairgrounds.
151 South 1100 West
Farmington, Utah 84025

When: Sunday, April 28th

Who: Anyone. We welcome all vehicles no matter the Make and Model.

We are very happy to say we were able to reserve the Davis County Fairgrounds for this event. Their large parking lot will hold upwards of 400 cars. Nearly doubling the capacity of previous years' events parking lots. The fairgrounds are fairly easy to get to with quick access from the freeway and located next to the New Farmington Station Park Shopping and Dining Complex.

However, with moving to a larger and private Venue, we are now faced with expenses that we've never had before. Despite having a much larger parking lot we still expect it to fill to capacity. To help with this we will be offering 2 parking options within the same lot.

Parking: General Admission Parking is Free
Preferred Parking Costs $10

We wanted to keep this event free for anyone that didn't want to pay extra so that option will still be available. Preferred Parking though will give some additional benefits that will not be made Available to General Admission Parking. Those perks include:

-The Best Parking in the Lot
-Guaranteed Parking so even if the lot reaches capacity before you arrive you will still have a spot saved for you.
-A Free Raffle Ticket
-Eligible For People's Choice Awards

Preferred Parking really is the best option to have at this event. However we will only have 150 spots available for Preferred Parking so Preregister As Soon As Possible to secure your spot. Any vehicle will be allowed to register for Preferred Parking. Preregistration will close 14 days prior to the event (April 14th). Preferred Parking WILL NOT be offered day of. Preregistration only. No Refunds will be given for any reason.

Awards will be given based 100% on public opinion. There are no Judges. Anyone in attendance will be allowed to vote for their favorite vehicles in the Preferred Parking section. Awards will be given to all makes so long as there are a minimum of 5 vehicles of that make in Preferred Parking.

Since this event will now be a Private Event we are working on getting a DJ for the event as well as a couple of food carts/trucks.

Sponsorship Opportunities: $50 plus donation to the Raffle.

Sponsor and Vendor Spots are available to ANY reputable company that wants to participate. Sponsor Cost is $50 and a donation to the raffle. As a sponsor you will be provided an area where you can set up a booth at the event, allow you to bring 2 cars as part of your display (with preferred parking perks), and your logo will be featured on all promotional material and mentioned frequently during the event. For more info Email us at

Thank you to our great community that continues to support our event year after year. We hope to make this event a big one and anticipate its growth in the following years. The Fairgrounds in Farmington is a venue with high potential for future growth. The large green areas and planned parking expansions over the next year will give us even more room in the future. However, we can't do it without you! The quicker people Preregister, the more perks and offerings we'll be able to offer at the event.

We hope you're excited for the event as we are. now, how do you go about Preregistering? We will be taking payment via Paypal and it will be on a first come first serve basis. Once 150 vehicles have Preregistered then Preferred Parking will no longer be available. So register soon to secure your spot!

Preregistration Details:

-Cost: $10 for Preferred Parking
-Paypal: (Please send the Money as a gift)
-Registration is Open

Please Include the Following in the Message Box:

Vehicle Year, Make, & Model:
Preferred Forum & Username:
Affiliated Club or Team:
Email Address:

We will announce more information as the event draws near. Please Preregister as soon as you can if you plan to park in the Preferred Parking section as we expect it to fill up quickly. The sooner you Preregister the easier it will be for us to make any necessary accommodations.

Thank you everyone. We hope to see you there!

As a bonus here is a general idea of how we plan to set up the venue. This of course is subject to change: