OT: looking for a new digital SLR, which one??


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Canon or Nikon.

End of story.

Just go with your favourite out of those two. Two years ago I would have said Canon, clearly. However, Nikon have raised their game quite a lot since then and it really is down to personal preference now I reckon.

Go to a camera outlet or two and ask to take some test shots to get a feel for what you like and what you don't. Take your own storage card if you can so that you can take the pics home and look at them closely in your own time.

Given that you're asking this question in the first place I suggest you are new to SLRs and therefore my advice would be to go for a cheaper body and better quality glass.



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i am also looking for a new camera...thanks for the link minigolf and thanks to octagon for the thread :thumbsup:


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Canon F1.. (oldskool) best SLR ever made in my opinion.... So if i was to buy a new SLR... id go a canon..



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$1400 isn't going to get you far with mid-spec digital SLRs in either Canon or Nikon. But agree - go with these as they have the most to spend on R&D.
Once you go with one, you tend to stick with it as you'll get a collection of lenses that fit one but not the other.
Canon's seem lighter (big generalisation) for body, but conversely it means lesser durability.
Ultimately it depends on what you use it for. If you're not going bush a lot and won't use it to death like a photojournalist then don't need high end.
Just beware of entry level as if you get a liking for it, you may wish you had bought a higher-spec one in the first place that lets you do things entry level does not.

FWIW i have Nikon D7S. Great as it's almost as good as the high end but without the fiddly controls. There's only a few things now that film does better than digital which will be very hard to replace (e.g. long-exposure at night to capture stars, etc. as CCD will pickup too much noise, and you need more than the camera battery to keep the shutter open for so long with digital! Film is all menchanical - minimal battery usage)


I had the same budget, and bought the Nikon D40x. It's a great camera, but it's not easy to get lenses for (which I found out later :frown: ). The body doesn't have an auto-focus motor, and AF-S lenses are hard to come buy.

On that basis I'd recommend a Canon, such as the 400D, which would leave you spoilt for choice in lenses.


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im personally a Canon guy and i recon the 400D is the go for sure!
if you want a great deal the shop might still have a superseated 350D they are desperate to get rid of.. lately i saw one for around $490 for the twin lens kit one too!


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For that price - Canon or Nikon. I've a 20D that I bought when they came out. Cost me $2.5k... before that my entry to the digital camera world was a sony f707 - which cost the same when that first came out.

Make sure you want a DSLR before slapping the cash. They're not an easy beast to wield and you may get better results straight-up with a prosumer point and shoot.

If you do opt for a DSLR - consider getting one that's been out for a bit (say the 30D - or even the Digital Rebel) and spend your money on decent glass. It's the glass that's going to cost you at any rate.

Good luck and enjoy. It's all good.

PS: The advice of checking out was sound.


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Thanks for all the good advice guys, at this stage i think Im leaning towards the Canon 400D with the twin lens

im personally a Canon guy and i recon the 400D is the go for sure!
if you want a great deal the shop might still have a superseated 350D they are desperate to get rid of.. lately i saw one for around $490 for the twin lens kit one too!

Mark, Would be keen to know whos going to do me a good deal mate


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you lucky SOB! i wish santa has one in his sack for me... when i upgrade im 99% sure thats the camera im going to upgrade too :drool:

lol ! I've been using my Powershot A60 since it was released. I still like it a lot. I've been playing around with the manual settings and it is quite hard to do it and the results are mediocre as it is not designed for that sort of work. For normal party and stuff I'll still use the el cheapo.

I've decided 40D over the 400D because they are basically the same camera, but given I won't be buying new cameras all the time the little extra I spend would mean I can enjoy the added features for longer. It probably costs ~$100 extra per year if you spread the cost.