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  • Hi Funny.

    I recently purchased a pre-owned MY09 Passat with RNS510, Dynaudio. I want to understand what version of Map and Firmware I have on the system as I am keen to upgrade to get:
    - digital speed display on MFD
    - Speed limit display on map
    - shows clock when switched off
    - dual zone controller Climatronic control
    - Faster Startup
    - SDHC 32 GB Support

    From the threads I see that I need to get a VAG Com to enable the 'secret menu'. I have asked the local VW dealer in Chatswood however they are not interested. Can you help ?

    I posted this on the forum and a member has suggested I ping you.


    0417 456 166
    Hey mate. Disappeared off the forum for a few weeks and only just got back on.
    If you still need help we can try and tee up a time.
    Not sure if i can help with the pin code reset though, not done one before.
    hey i'll be in chatswood in the next 2 hours can you give me a call if you are free 0410 421 499
    Hi Funny,

    Need your help with the VAG-COM unit just installed a
    RNS-510 and the MFD is not showing SATNAV and audio. ALso but the RCD-500 into my wifes car and I need the PIN Code reset...

    Your help would be appreciated...

    I'm in the the Ryde so not that far from Chatswood.

    Thanks in advance.

    Yep that would be me if it was maybe 2 thursdays ago? Was there for F&F.
    Oh, could have been when Wolverine opened too, on a Friday. Were a few golfs that night IIRC.
    Either that or you saw my wife during the day.

    In any case - yay got spotted!
    Hey Funny, is your rego FUN xxx? I saw a RS GTI on Westfield Chatswood rooftop carpark and immmediately thought it could be you. I nodded but wasn't sure if driver saw me. Cheers Donald
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