MKV GTI racecar shell.

Das Gespenst

Go Kart Champion
Glen Ellyn
Putting a feeler out there for a MKV GTI racecar shell with a 10pt full weld in cage. Car was in a wreck and has front end frame/body damage on the right corner. Cage was serious money($15k), it's a full weld in cage. Full formed A pillars with dash bar, full welded B pillars, half roof from rear hoop forward. Custom built for the GTS (German touring series) and WCTC (World Challenge Touring Car). Shell will come with all doors, rear subframe/suspension and partial dash, full OEM turbo back exhaust, etc. Great project or just steal the cage out of it. Looking to get $2500 OBO and you have to come get it.

Any questions feel free to ask, shell has been garage kept and is just being used as storage for the other racecar parts. I've come to terms with not being ablew to afford to build this one back up so it's time to let it go.

Pictures coming shortly, sorry in advance for all the car parts in it.