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  • What going on Bro,
    Hey I can Paypal you 180 today. Please let me know. Shipped to Virginia. Thanks Shane
    Hey, you know whos white rabbit that is, the one with the votex kit, it was parked in the IPAC parking lot.
    I just a Blk 06 gti, just got the apr chipped 2 weeks ago, backorder exhaust with downpipe. looking for more upgrades
    yeah just field ops, our CO kind of canked the whole driving there thing, were gonna be going in on buses now. Yeah we should, ive been trying to get a couple friends to hit up the track with me but dont know where to go, any ideas?
    Thats funny cause i wanted to do a GTI front end on mine, I was about to get an edition 30 GTI back in 06, i didnt really know what it was capable of back then but i do feel stupid now for not getting it. Just installed the intake this weekend, sounds sweet, we might be going back to bogue this week dont know yet, who did the custom exhaust, was it out here.
    Well ive only had the R for about 3 months now, i used to have a CW Rabbit with Votex body kit and Vision V's. Im at Bogue half the time though so thats probably why. You know what now that i think about it, is that yours at bogue, at Crash Fire Rescue
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