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  • Hey dan whats up man, you installed my suspension back in the day, and what i have to ask you has nothing to do with cars... At the LIBBQ last year i think it was you who made that amazing plantain eggroll type dish lol and if that infact was you who made it, id like to ask you for the recipe. pleasee??
    Aye Dan what's going on? My name is Joey, I went to the BBQ over in NYC which was awesome. Any way just wanted to get straight to the point, Ive been 7months with my GTi & already want to drop this badd boy. I'm clueless about suspension, well what I want is a nice sporty feel, nice low with a great looking stanace but good enough so I could clear some drive ways. I'm looking at FK but I dunno thats why I rather take the advise from someone that knows what their doing.

    Hey Dan, (you installed srings on my new 4door last fall)

    Hows it goin' 2 things: did you ever get that replacment set of springs?

    2 - wondering about trying out an autocross event- a friend of mine has a 335i and was going to do it - do you have any info about the collesium events? If so what are the general requirements?

    hey dan, i know youve been busy with the LI BBQ coming up and i dont want to sound annoying or anything but i just wanted to be added to the list for the LI BBQ. PM'ed you on sunday but i havent gotten a respond, just trying to get on there before it comes up. thanks and hope to see you there.

    akaprince +1-2 (not sure) BMP
    hey, can i get one of those li mk5 stickers? im not around right now but i should be home in august.. lemme know, thanx again..
    Hey, Someone said to PM you about vag com info. I'm in Williamsburg and was wondering if you're ever in the area.
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