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  • Hi Dan,

    I need some maintenance done on my 2007 GTI and also I bought the EuroJet turbo-back from JoeyGTI that I need to get installed.

    How soon are you available? Please let me know. I live in upstate NY and have limited time frames when I am available in the city. If at all possible, it would be great to get the maintenance done and exhaust installed between June 24th and July 2nd.

    Please hit me up with availability and prices.
    Thanks! Much appreciated.
    Hi Dan;

    Was wondering if you would be interested in installing a LSD and maybe new clutch plate in my '08.5 6sp Golf. If so please give me an estimate on labor charges (I have all parts, fluids, etc.). I'd pay cash.

    Hi Dan, how are ya? I saw that you installed jimithing412's r-look tail lights so I'm hoping you can help me with this. I have the same ones, installed them with no issues, got the rear fog to work and everything. I don't have the amber lights working though. Right now, the running lights flash as the blinkers, just like with the stock tails. The amber bar does not light at all. I have changed the coding but I was told wires need to be moved. Which wire did you move and which pin did you put it in? And other than byte 13 in the vagcom, is there any other coding necessary? Thanks boss!!!

    Hi Dan,

    Can you give me a quote for installing mkvi suspension on a '11 gti? I'm probably getting a h&r cup kit. Where are you located?

    Watsup Dan! You installed my spring and shocks before. DO you still do installs and if so how much to install Downpipe?
    Hey Dan

    I've seen a bunch of your posts and trust your experience.

    I've got an 07 GTI that I'm autocrossing in G Stock with stock springs.

    Should I get Bilstein HDs or Bilstein Sports?

    The car is my daily driver but I want a significant improvement over stock. After all, HDs are just as expensive as Sports and their both a lot of money.

    Others are telling me that with stock height i have to get HDs and that the Sports are shortened and I could blow them.

    I'd like to know what you think.

    Please check out my thread at this link

    Thanks man!
    hey dan do you have any suggestions for unfreezing the coller on a coil? i tried soaking it in pb blaster and hitting the tool with a rubber mallet but nothing worked and i started to chew up the adjuster. just wondering thanks
    hey dan...iv been going to a shop here in L.i nd theyve jus been slacking nd they arent professional at all. Iv been trying to get a pre cat o2 sensor fixed for 2 months, but always seems to not get fixed. Their recent mess uo waz tht they ordered the wrong o2 sensor(intake manifold) nd swap a perfectly good 1 and i didnt notice till my cel came on. Jus wondering if u could do a o2 sensor install nd how much would it be? sooner the better. Pm me whenevr u hav a chance..thnx alot.
    Hi Dan,

    I came across your threads here in searching for info on R32 brake swaps.

    We just did a full (all 4 corners) swap on my 2007 GTI, everything works great but my pedal is a little 'mushy'. It definitely needs to be pushed farther toward the floor to stop the car. We've bled the brakes several times and I have SS lines.

    A couple people have mentioned that I might need a bigger master and or bigger brake booster but I can't find anyone who's done this swap who changed out the master or booster. Plus I don't see how that would work since all the mkv R's are DSG.

    Any advice or information you can give would be greatly appreciated!!

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you for the response back today. Where are you located. Im in South Jersey -

    Thanks so much!

    hey dan i was looking though threads and i want to get s6 leds in my r32 and i was wondering if you could help me out and tell me what i would need other than the s6 lights themselves and how much it ouwld be to have it installed. shoot me a msg when u get a chance man. - keith
    Hey Dan, I was referred to you by a couple of members based on a post I recently put up. I'll get right to the point, I just got a VW GTI MKV and had the following done, (@ approx 70k miles: timing belt, breaks, spark plugs, water pump). Anyway, after I got my car back from this guy, I now notice that my turbo is "lazy", I don't wanna take it back to this guy, what's your schedule like to give it a complete look over for me? I'm in Bklyn, NY. If we can work something out that would be great. Let me know.

    You can get me at

    Hi Dan, I was referred to you by DanSan here on forums (here's the post: I would greatly appreciate some help with installing center vent boost gauge from CiM - how much would you charge for that and when would be the best time for you for the install? I also plan on installing DO water/meth kit and S3 IC in the spring so we could talk about that too. I would like to watch and learn as you do it if you don't mind - trying to learn about cars whenever I can. I have 09 GLI. Thanks in advance. Bora
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