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  • Haha i doubt we met, cause if we did you'd know I'm a girl lol. I also saw that you thought dangsr made them haha. My mom actually made them and froze it, i just fried them that morning. I'll ask her for the exact recipe, but really you just wrap a slice of plantain banana and a piece of jackfruit in eggroll wrapper and fry them. My mom also put some brown sugar glaze on after I fried it, not sure what she did for that. I'll find out exactly when I see her.

    It's a Filipino desert called Turon just so you know
    hey i love the gti. if you wanna wait until December i will definitely buy it. the reason is i am currently in the army nd that is when i get back from all of my training. i completely understand if you sell it before then. just 1 question: whats your gas mileage like
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