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  • Hi Arin... Got the Stage I last week and am interested in going to Stage II. The only thing I've done is replace the air filter in the OEM box with a K&N. How much power am I going to lose when doing the upgrade if I go with just an APR downpipe, as opposed to a turboback and a Carbonio intake.
    OK Thanks. Its just that, in the instruction manual, it said to hold resume and wait for it to blink twice and release for tba. Thank for clearing it up :)
    You were given Fault Code Erase. On models where TBA is enabled, it's combined with fault code erase.
    Quick Question: For Throttle body alignments, via the apr chip, after I input the the code and everything flashed, do I have to do anything or does it do it all on its own?
    Hi Arin I'm looking for a reputable APR dealer that you personally know of in Mami-Dade County(South Florida). I know your website has authorized dealers listed, I was just wondering if you recommend any in specific?
    If you had another tube in your air box you have a CBFA and need the breather hose. I wouldn't run the car w/o it.
    Hi Arin Just got my carb. stage 1 intake. Had to remove a hose from the stock airbox.Now does this mean I have a CBFA. And do I need the kit right away to run the car or is it good for a day or two till i get it. Dont want to F up the car at all.We all know your the man around here. Please let me know.If I need the other part how much is it. Thank You Dominick.
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