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  • Hi Arin, could you let me know what you think on my thread for my Dyno on my car?

    I'm running stage 2 hardware, Open CTS Intake, 3inch DP, full resonater, de-cat, valvetronic catback, R8 plugs.

    Just want your view on the anomaly from 2.7k rpm to 3k rpm and the fact that i can't get more than 380Nm on the tune even with the 98 Map and RON100 fuel (Petron Blaze 100).
    Hey Arin,
    I want to tune my 2016 golf 1.4 tsi (150 ps) with apr stage 1
    do you have any numbers on how much hp and torque gains?
    Hello Arin,

    A few months ago I purchased Evan's white MK6 GTi and I having some issues with OPS. I already contacted Evan and he recommended I get in touch with you. I have read the instructions from APR but I cannot get the controller to dump the oil back into the engine. It looks like the controller on the car was a development part and not something that made it to production. Any information you can share will be greatly appreciated.
    Hey Arin,
    I've been thinking about getting an APR or a Wagner intercooler. The Wagner intercooler has 18% more volume than the APR intercooler. Are there any benefits of the APR intercooler over the Wagner intercooler other than APR's dank reputation?
    Hello - any chance for any Pittsburgh, PA area dealers?

    Supposed to purchase a Golf R soon would be great to do it with your new offer.

    Sendell VW
    Day VW
    Day Apollo VW
    Cochran VW
    Hilcrest VW
    3 Rivers VW
    Hi ,
    I have two question please:
    I have mk7 gti with APR is38 91 octane tune and just change to 93 octane but l dont feel deffrent in power and boost is same of 91 file . 24-25 psi . Any idea ?

    In near future do you have race gas file for is38 and switch mapping ?

    Thanks alot

    Hey Arin,
    Have a question about fully loaded i am a stage 2 and i want to add APR EMCS Program Switching (Fully Loaded) which i know is 150 but what do you get for the all my programs up to stage 2? also is it the 150 or is there additional charge? my dealer said its the 150 then another 100 to get stock tune and stage 1....
    Hey Arin, new here, as well to VW. Lovin it so far. Been reading your posts about the APR Muffler Delete y'all have. I was curious to know what the difference was between yours and the one's that CTS & Forge offer. There's look very similar. Was hoping you could help me out with a lil clarification. Thanks dude!

    I have the stage 1 remap with stock intake and have since fitted a pipercross intake, is there a stage 1+ flash to be had to account for the aftermarket induction kit?

    Ran the dyno on my car and got 252bhp and 290ft lb, which is stage 1 stats rather than stage 1+ Intake stats shown on the apr site.

    Arin, any updates on the stage 1 and 2 updates for the mk6 gti? Been excited about this for a long time and was just wondering if it was close to release! upgrading to stage 2 soon hopefully..
    Hi Arin, this is Gary from SG. Recently I have gotten both the APR ECU and TCU tune for my 2015 Audi S3 (8V) MQB. Car drives much better now.

    During the flashing process, I was asked to provide my personal particulars and email address. May I know does APR actually email the owners when there is new updates to the tune? I know the recent v2.2 ECU tune update was officially announced on APR website but I would have preferred if owners were informed of any updates via email so they can visit their dealers/tuners for updates.
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