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  • Arin, is Evan available today? i am having a problem getting my ECU through customs in OH and they need APR's federal id..i have sent him an email already, i am sure DHL did too..but just checking...excuse my worries, it's been stuck in customs for 3 days i found out, if you have any suggestions let me know :(
    Boost increased around the 20 PSI mark at the most and tapers towards redline. Adding an intake an exhaust is an easy addition.
    Arin , Ty for the fast reply . I am in albuquerque nm . It looks like the closest shop is in Colorado springs. The other questions I have are how much more boost does the flash produce over stock? If I do stage 1 I am assuming that stage 2 after tbe and cai is an easy jump? Again thanks for your help! Mike 20-0
    We have software for 95 Ron fuel. You can send your ECU to us if visiting a dealer is not possible.

    Stage 1 - use this with normal boltons
    Stage 2 - use this software with a high flow exhaust

    Stage 2 is a free upgrade to stage 1 customers.

    K04 - Use this with our just released K04 turbocharger kit. It's included with the kit.

    Stage 3 - Use this with our stage 3 big turbo kit. It's included with the kit!
    Hello Arin :)

    This is Na'el from far far away, am from Jordan and wonder if you heard about it.
    am going to buy a new 2011 GTI (DSG) soon and need to know more about APR tuning, i read about stage I, II, III, and i dont know much about it, yes noobie :(
    can you help me with this? my biggest concern is services since the nearest APR dealer is in Lebanon, about 400KM and i have to pass through another country to reach it..
    and we only have octan90 and 95 :p

    APR is really doing a great great job, Thank you :)
    Did you post them for sale on this forum.
    Could you send me the link.
    I might be interested.
    I honestly don't remember. I removed the wheels a while back. They are now for sale.

    I changed the suspension. Koni sports with h&R Sport springs.
    Hi Arin,
    Noticed you GTI MK5 on
    Those wheels look great.
    would you mind telling me what are the dimensions of the wheels and tires on the pictures. You mentioned that the wheels are 19x8.5. What is the size of the tire matching those?
    Also, did you change the stock suspension?
    The car sits nice and low. Is that becasue of the 19'' wheels or the suspension is lower to.
    do you know what the dyno numbers would look like on a mk6 gti w/Carbonio Stage I, 3" APR downpipe and APR Stage II flash?
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