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Bad hare

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See I disagree. Tebow is probably the strongest QB in the league. He just doesnt scramble he runs the ball like a back. His problem is he throws so damn straight and low. He can't just air the ball out thanks to having massive shoulders that cause him to throw 3/4 sidearm haha. Orton was a bust for the Bears and was a bust for the Broncos. He's had flashes of brilliance but nothing great overall.

Currently, in all of Ortons busts, he's an improvement in miami, over Henne.

As for tebow... only time will tell. I don't know to much about him. But, when you have hype like this around a guy, who hasn't even played a game (or played a handful), they rarely to they perform. Its like the Madden or Hardknocks curse.

Only time will tell. Unless one of you is a wizard...

lol.. nice. hahah