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maybe, and maybe I never considered open carry so I have not fully though through every situation. Im also pretty sure its far fetched someone coming up and cold clocking you at the coffee counter for your gun, but its for sure if you are open carrying and that does happen your gun is going away if you get knocked out for a few seconds. Ive been training for some time now and have seen people throw an off balanced punch that drops the opponent, all it has to do it land in the right spot. I know for me personally, I like the idea of being able to go hands on without exposing my pistol if need be. I have (thank god) never been in a situation I need to draw a pistol, but have been in many where I have had to talk my way out of a fight, or have to restraint someone and I much prefer not having a pistol showing.

But different strokes for different folks, Im just prefer good guys to have guns open or concealed whatever.
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picked up a beauty today... gonna get some scroll work done on it.

Gorgeous. A lever action in 45-70 is in my wishlist.

What rifle is that?

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Anyone interested in a surefire e1d defender? I upgraded to the e2d so the old one is up for sale. Asking 150

300/5 lumen

Keep both. :thumbup:

I departed from my affair with Surefire for awhile, but I think I'm back.

The Titan A is pretty awesome. I don't leave home w/o it anymore and I have the Titan B and XC-1 weaponlight on order.

Flashlights are bunk, night vision is where it's at.

Ever try using them as a strike tool/weapon? :p