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  • I would recommend Mobil 1, 0w-40. The Castrol is factory fill, Mobil 1 is factory fill on most of the high performance cars (Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, etc) so can't go to wrong with either really. Not a fan of Shell.
    Any suggestions for type of oil? your posts of your car have made me envious and inspired me to start saving for my own custom mods. I was thinking to keep the car mostly stock, but it looks like with some good research and work, modding is totally worth it.

    Considering how much attention to detail you've got, any suggestions on a 2013 brand new gti at 700 miles for the first oil change. I want to change it at 1000. I drove like a granny up to 200 miles barely pass 2k. now just since 600 i've been playing around with the 4/5k range maybe once or twice a trip. I've got the DSG.

    I've been told Shell Rotella 5w40 or Castrol Edge 5w40. Both fit the fully synthetic and vw requirements but I'd like to know the BEST for a gti in general and especially for a first oil change. I've heard from many people that there was a lot of metal shavings and they didn't regret changing the oil much sooner than the dealership recommended. sorry for long post, thanks for reading!
    It's The Stig on vacation, chilling in a pool. LOL I got it from a Bing search for Stig images and I liked it the best. Normally I use rabbit themed avatars that go along with my screen name, but since this is a car forum I did this and just haven't changed it.
    Thumper what the deal with the avatar pic? It's interesting but I can't fig where you got it from and what's the story.
    Btw, I grew up in Sacramento area. My bro is in Roseville too. I grew up in Orangevale/Fairoaks area.
    No to the LS in the hatch....BUT, the Camaro is for sale. You want the whole car? Make you a good deal. :D Jetta was actually purchased a week after the GTI, it was a dealer trade with Dorrito Brothers in WC. I guess the person that ordered it backed out and Dorrito traded it to Roseville for something. Roseville put it in the showroom just to entice my wife....LOL
    I think I considered getting your car at one point while at the dealership. Was thinking black was too hot and gets dirty too easy... like SB is that much lighter! lol

    Just reading your build thread. Nice Camaro. Think I could stick an LSX in the back seat of the GTI and make it RWD? j/k

    And you obviously bought both vdub's on the same day cuz the Jetta's last 2 digits are 64 and mine are 69.
    LOL, That's pretty cool. You were lucky to get a Shadow Blue one. I am jealous, that was my first choice. But I was in a time crunch, they were willing to make me an amazing deal on my trade and on the GTI on the lot, had to grab what I did. LOL
    Cars must have been registered same day from Roseville VW, our license plates are 14 numbers apart. Sorry just odd coincidence I noticed in your pic's.
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