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So here goes, after ages of assing about, I’m finally going to put up my build thread, not that it’s very exciting or anything. I’ve still lots to do, and I’m normally pretty slow at getting things done, due to being a 20 year old student with limited funds.
Anyway, here we go.

1 October 2010
Dad rolled up at the house in the car, he got me it for my birthday. It’s a 2006 VW Golf 1.9 TDI SE. It’s pretty clean, no major scrapes, no damage history, full service record etc., and just over 71,000 miles.
Also paid to get 18” Audi R8 replicas put on (also kept the originals for winter wheels).
Here’s how she looked.

14 October 2010
Done a quick mod, inspired by the forums, and everyone now does it. So took my front chrome VW badge out, sanded it down a bit, and sprayed it matt black. Went matt black for a change, don’t like the gloss black on a black car. Matt just sets it off.

1 November 2010
Another cheap mod in terms of my music system. Got an iPod kit that was compatible with my radio. It took about an hour to install using this guide:
Also had the iPod connector exit through one of the black buttons in front of the gear stick.

5 November 2010
Finally got round to doing my rear VW badge. Decided to go for something a little different than the black and grey. Here’s the guide I used for this:!!!?highlight=rear emblem

9 November 2010
Here’s how it looked on the car after I got it washed.

24 November 2010
Got some calliper paint ordered and when it came I got straight to work with the wire brush and then paint brush. Three guesses what colour I got…

Also redone my front VW badge to colour match the background.

29 November 2010
Random shot in the snow.

8 December 2010
Ordered some eyelids for the car, sprayed them matt black to match with the badges and then got them fitted. Look great in my opinion, bit more of an aggressive look.

10 December 2010
Spent a few weeks looking for subs on Gumtree, with no luck finding any decent ones for a good price until I found this. Some guy was selling two of these, which were two days old. They came with full wiring kits and had never been fitted. They were £140 new on various websites, but me and a mate got them both for £140. Bargain!

30 December 2010
Finally got round to debadging the car, using gentle heat from a hairdryer, some dental floss, and then some GooGone to get rid of the excess adhesive. There was a slight fade in colour from where the badges had been, but that was easily buffed out.

19 January 2011
Ordered some LED license plate bulbs for the car. They aren’t as bright as some I’ve seen but they will do for the meantime. Also ordered a bunch of stickers from and stuck a few on.

New LED bulb on the left, compared to the stock bulb on the right.

And then both of them fitted.

And the stickers.

11 February 2011
Finally got the subwoofer fitted. It’s not bad, just a bit bulky. Good bass from it, although the doors are starting to vibrate, so plan to get them dynomat’d at some stage.

13 February 2011
Put a few more stickers on the car and had a random photoshoot.

13 April 2011
A month passed with nothing really happening as money was low, so decided to do a cheap mod and stickerbomb the interior door and dash strips.

Also clearcoated them, hoping to stop them from peeling and fading.

Then got them fitted.

3 May 2011
Decided to tint my rear high level brake light to hide it against the spoiler.

4 May 2011
Wind deflectors arrived so had them fitted straight away. Another suttle mod that adds to the appearance of the car.

7 May 2011
A few things happened today, my Racelands came, but due to an increase in insurance I now can’t afford to fit them. So they were sold unfortunately. Hopefully get a new suspension set-up when I renew my insurance as it will hopefully be cheaper.

Also ordered these valve caps, which I forgot about for a long time.

Finally my plastidip spray can arrived. The matt black paint I had bought before kept peeling, probably due to stones flying up and hitting it. So searched the forums and found that plastidip was the best option.

It’s been almost a year now with the plastidip on the badges and not even a sign of a chip.


Ready to race!
23 June 2011
Just a few random shots of the car. Really doesn’t sit nice in my opinion, the stance is just all wrong.

1 November 2011
Another long break with no progress. But decided to stickerbomb my rear interior light.

15 December 2011
Put the winter wheels back on, ride quality is so much better with chunky tyres. Also had black wing mirror indicators fitted and had my rear three windows tinted, as that’s all we are allowed over here in Northern Ireland.

19 February 2012
Ordered and fitted new fog light bulbs, they are white even though they don’t look it in the picture, but hopefully get some night shots soon.

25 February 2012
A few things came in the post today, got an EPR tow strap, which hasn’t been fitted yet.

R32 pedal caps also came, which I got extremely cheap on ebay. Both of these for £5!

Also picked some other things up in the afternoon.

10 March 2012
More post for me today.

First package had some FK Angel Eyes.

Not your usual black or chrome style, decided to be a bit different and go for some ‘flipflop’ ones. Can’t wait to get these fitted.
Also got the R32 accelerator pedal, needs a good clean with some metal polish and the black needs done too. This one was a little more pricey at £55. But that’s a full set for £60 so I was pretty pleased.

Also had these bad boys fitted. Still waiting on centre caps at the minute. And finally put the dice valve caps on. Rims are 18” Dare BBS CH replicas. Look great in my opinion!

29 March 2012
Finally got my centre cap stickers, no pics on the car yet unfortunately.

Although looking to get these centre caps in the future.

31 March 2012
My iPod kit broke a few months ago, so ordered an AUX kit as it was far cheaper. Also got a new ashtray which has a lid. Looks great!

5 April 2012
Bulbs came for my new headlights, so hope to get them fitted this month!

13 April 2012
Just leave you with a wee teaser of my most recent order. Took a while to save for this!

Hopefully got more to do to the car, hopefully fire some lowering springs on, with 15mm at the rear and 30mm at the front, not to slam it, but to let it sit better.
All comments welcome guys so let me know what you think so far!


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looks good i think


Ready to race!
Green on black looks good, im not a fan of the sticker bomb but this is your car.
The sticker bombs have gone, forgot to say that. Got some brushed alumium inserts cheap so that's whats in the car now. And the back roof light is back to normal too. Stickers are out of style and look tacky I think. Looking to get the exterior stickers off soon too. Just lazy!

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I always thought the 3rd brake light had to be cut out? How hard was it to get out?
Not too hard at all. I think it has to be cut out in an R32 maybe. But mine came out when I used a removal tool. Just be careful not to damage the paint or anything. I masked mine all off before I tried wedging it out. I might be able to find the DIY I used, I'll look next time I'm on my laptop!

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lets see some under the hood work. Mo Power! ;) Looks sexy though i like.
Thanks! Haha no under the bonnet work yet. It's only a diesel like. Was thinking of a K&N 57i induction kit for better noise, as I doubt it would even increase the BHP by 5. Also looking for a new exhaust system, maybe save up for a Milltek.

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I always thought the 3rd brake light had to be cut out? How hard was it to get out?
Ok I can't find that guide that I used. Basically in any model except the GTI or R32 (I think!!!) you can just pull the light out, just like you would pop your dash strips out. So basically I just taped around the light so I wouldn't damage the paint and then used a removal tool to pop it out. Took a bit of force, but it was definitely not attached behind the spoiler. Good luck if you try to do this yourself! If I ever find the guide I'll put it up!