Suggestions to Potential Buyers/Sellers


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Transactions made through these forums are private meaning that GolfMKV will not be held liable for anything bought or sold on here. With that said, I personally have some suggestions that will help to reduce the risk of a problem sale/purchase.

1. Check to see how many posts a user has, especially if it's a seller. I would consider them to be a higher risk, but a low post count doesn't mean that you shouldn't buy from them, just simply something to keep in mind.

2. Check to see what other transactions they have done on here. To do so, do a search under their user name and limit it to threads created in the Classifieds forum.

3. Search for the product that they are selling to see what others have sold their products for. This will give you a rough idea of what the product is worth. Keep in mind that the price listed may be the asking price, not the price it actually sold for.

4. Do a search on other forums including, but not limited to for pricing and other items that the seller/buyer may have been involved in. Remember that some users use different user names on different forums.

5. If the seller lists the price as "FIRM" then that means that that is the minimum that they want to sell it for. If they don't say "FIRM" then you can try to negotiate if so inclined. Beware that someone may decide to pay the asking price, so you may lose out on the purchase.

6. If you are a seller, be very clear as to what you are selling and it's condition. Taking pictures will make it easier to sell, even if it's a common item.

7. If you are the buyer, then you should ask the condition of the product, if not listed in the thread. Verify with the seller exactly what parts you are expecting before purchasing.

8. I'd suggest paying via Paypal or some other traceable method. I'd advise against cash, cashier's check, check, money order, money gram, or similar types of payment as once you've paid, you've got little recourse.

9. Ship it via a TRACKABLE method. At a minimum use USPS Delivery Confirmation. It's very cheap with USPS First Class shipping, and free with Priority Mail if you print the shipping label online. Make sure to INSURE the item properly (or be prepared to pay, in case the item is damaged or lost), especially if it's a big ticket item.


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Wow! I was just reading and is awful that some dirt bags just trail around making people miserable. That is the reason everybody grows watching their back every step they take. Sorry man for your loss, I hope that you were able to recover more money or at least the joy of little beating of the guy who screw you. :fighting0030:


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Wow that really sux man.... I'm getting ready to make my first purchase on here but I'm a little nervous but I should be on if the guy recommended I use PayPal right?


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Interesting, I was just looking at a set of bbs rs on vortex. The dude had 17 posts and had only been a member for a short time. At that point I started to become suspicious, then he claimed he lived in Merritt Island, Florida, so I thought I'd take the three hour trip to go & look at them, then he says he moved again within two days & he would have to ship. By know I'm just about out when he says he doesn't want to go through paypal and that I should just deposit the money directly into his account. my mother didn't raise no fool.