Sounds like APR is Going Down


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It's always sad to see an entrepreneur been taken away his baby... As i understand the company culture is great which lead to great and motivated staff resulting in great products...and I'm not even an apr fan boy.. Have to see what the new management is about but it's not going to be easy taking over the founder's charistmatic role, even if the balance sheet will look healthier..

I think racing has been a downfall for many.. Should be a lesson not to forget!


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I dunno how some perceive Arin, but he's always been helpful to me. When I had a question, or concern I got a prompt, professional response. Never had a negative interaction with the guy.

Yeah, generally the people complaining loudly about him probably post like this;

"APR is a suck company, you're a retard Arin!"

And then he would reply "Shut up, we do this because of that, and you know nothing."

And then Arin gets accused of being mean.....the d-bag calling him names in the first place? Not so much....LOL

Granted, as the face of a company and conduit to your customers, the high ground should always be taken and stay above the mud's not like the guy was an uncontrollable sociopath.

Has anyone ever said "Man the profit margin on the race team is really good this year!"

Ok, this made me spit Dew on my laptop, you owe me a new laptop. :D

Seriously though, isn't a good chunk of the REASON for a raceteam advertising? How do you measure that in profit/loss per se? LOL


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I agree with your first parts, however with this - that is/was part of Arin's job - to post on message boards. As a representative of APR. It directly affects the companies image. During a buyout every area of the company is scrutinized, usually by 3rd party efficiency experts who then advise upper management who should stay and who needs to go. Racecars and private jets are the obvious, low hanging fruit; digging deeper into day to day employee functions is just as necessary in a situation like this. I'm sure his roles/responsibilities were reviewed as well as his past work/posts.

IF (and that's a big if) his role was reduced, it could be for a few reasons, not just the content of his posts, but given the controversy that surrounded more than a few, I wouldn't be surprised if that was a contributing factor.



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