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Seacoast NH has a section for threads about each members car. I like that idea, so I'm copying it here. I'm probably being an attention whore, but hopefully folks will let me have my little play-pen. I intend to tack on mini-reviews/commentary of the crap I bolt on the car.

2009 Jetta SportWagon SEL
  • 2.0L TSI
  • 6-Speed Manual
  • 'roof
  • Grey
  • Mat kit
  • Homelink
  • iPod adapter (dealer installed)

  • APR Motorsport Roll Control 27mm Rear Anti-Sway Bar
  • ECS clear side markers
  • Blesk LED city lights (yes, even though you can plainly see them in the halogen reflector dishes)
  • Euro headlight switch with fogs, coming/leaving home
  • 16" VW OEM steel wheels with 205/55R16 General Altimax Arctic (for winter mode)
  • OEM mud-flaps/splash guards (for winter mode)
  • Bunch of misc VAG-COM hacks (DRLs off, windows up/down by key-fob, etc)
  • Thule 754XT Roof rack, modified to fit car
  • CiM electronic boost/vac gauge and vent-pod
  • 42 Draft Designs intake manifold ('boost') tap
  • 42 Draft Designs Shifter Bushing Set
  • Verdict Motorsports Shift Bracket Bushings
  • VW Retro/golfball shift knob
  • 05.5 Jetta Package 3 wood grain trim kit

  • 2nd hand Jetta fog grills (have, waiting to go on car)
  • Projector HID headlamps (have, waiting to go on car)
  • Highline CECM
  • Projector fog lamps
  • Kayak and ski attachments for the roof rack
  • 9W3 highline bluetooth retrofit
  • Wheel stud conversion
  • 2nd mortgage on house to pay for the above

My log:

Had a '99 Miata before this which I loved to death, but needed something better for the commute. I lay down ~90 mi/day (edit: now ~120 mi/day!!). The JSW actually seems to net better mileage than the little roadster did. Handling ain't quite the same, but we knew that. Crapload more comfortable though. Still, the Miata will be missed.
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CEL free until 48,398 mi
Seacoast NH
And before I get the Q. I joined this site before I bought the car. At the time I had my heart set on a GTI. GF talked me into the JSW as she liked it better.

I like this site as it is far more active and has some great searching/browsing tools. (Like the RSS feed! :thumbsup:) Also because there is more performance-oriented info here.

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Do all JSW's have black roof rails?

They most certainly should be chrome since all of the accent pieces on the Jettas are chrome. Window trim, entire front end along with the badges etc.

Looks good though.


The sex


/black magic

If I needed a car that had more space, I would definitely get one of these in black

can't wiat to see some mods on here :thumbsup:


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Akron let your gf talk you out of the GTI?? I've been married 14 years with two kids, and my wife knows that she will have absolutely no influence on what car I drive...been like that since day one...gotta love it.:lol::lol:

Edit: Nice whip btw...did you remove the side moldings or did it come like that stock.?


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Seacoast NH let your gf talk you out of the GTI??
Worse: I let her talk me into trading my beloved sports car! Yup, I'm whipped. Fortunately she makes it worth my while! :biggrin:

Seriously though, I had a hard time finding a GTI equipped the way I wanted it. I maybe could have ordered, but then we'd be talking a lot closer to MSRP. Meanwhile I found this JSW equipped pretty much exactly the way I wanted it, on the lot, at a dealer already offering it below invoice. After I realized I was getting a lot of items that were decontented from the MY2009 GTIs and going to keep the GF happy, I was on board.

The car feels just a tincy bit more classy/less boy-racer than the GTI. The biggest things I envy over the GTI are the suspension and the lighting. I have plans to remedy the suspension via the aftermarket. And I may someday retrofit the factory fogs and HID headlamps, plus the highline CECM to support them. .. I already managed a set of 2nd hand fog grills.

Other than that its basically a long bodied GTI. :yikes:

did you remove the side moldings
No. Came this way stock. In fact these photos are ~4 months old and were taken the day I took delivery.

Why didn't you opt for the turbo diesel?
I seriously considered the diesel. In the end a couple things changed my mind:
  • I am concerned over some details in the way VW implemented the new 'clean' TDI emissions system. I posted here at length about this when shopping.
  • My SEL is much better equipped than any TDI package VW offers in North America.
  • I got my SEL off the lot priced under invoice, I couldn't find a dealer ready to let a TDI JSW go for anything under MSRP, that is if they even had one to sell. So basically I got more stuff for the same money with the gasser.
  • I found my SEL equipped pretty much exactly how I wanted it sitting on a local dealer lot; I didn't have to travel for it, give up options, or wait.
  • Diesel was still priced higher than premium unleaded in my area when I bought. - Obviously this has changed since then.
  • Properly driven, the 2.0T can get pretty darn good mileage.
In the long run we'll see how good or bad that decision was. In the meantime I'm enjoying the piss out of my gasser.
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