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MKV Manual Boost Gauge Install


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Hey guys, this is my first post here and I need a little help troubleshooting my boost gauge. I'm new to both the import and boost world so I've never had to hook up a boost gauge. The gauge was already partially installed when I bought the car and I've been putting off finishing the install due to lack of knowledge. I just finished the k04 swap and I'm ready to figure out exactly how much boost I'm pushing. I've done multiple searches over multiple days trying to figure out exactly how to finish the gauge setup and I've come up with multiple contradicting answers so I apologize in advance if this has already been covered in a previous post. I've got a ProSports manual boost gauge with all the wiring and vacuum line ran by the previous owner, but the vacuum line wasn't connected to anything so there's obviously no reading on the gauge. According to multiple sources, on the mkv 2.0 the boost line is supposed to be ran into the pcv hose via an adapter tee. I installed the adapter tee earlier today expecting to get boost readings but all the gauge does is read negative pressure and no boost, including while being boosted. I checked with my buddies at a VW specialty shop and they said the pcv is not the correct vacuum source because the vacuum is constantly fluctuating (which is what I originally thought when I found the install instructions). They referred me to a boost specialty shop which has done loads of gauge installs and they echoed the same info. Their advice was to tap into the intake manifold or one of the boost lines, which both require drilling which I really want to avoid. So the question is, who is right? Is the correct install through the pcv tube? Or do I really have to drill into the intake to get a proper boost and vacuum reading? OR, is it possible that incorrect wiring could cause the gauge to read pressures in a reverse manner? I just want my gauge working lol Thanks in advance.


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Which PCV tee do you have? If it comes off the drivers side, you’re already tapped into the intake manifold