HID Bulb Install


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Thought I'd add info from my experience.

I couldn't align the bulbs at all until I took photos of how everything goes together. Once I figured it out, it's pretty simple.

I bought Phillips d2s bulbs from amazon. They went in without issues, didn't have to shave off anything. 85$.

The bulb has 2 holes that align with 2 tabs on the headlight itself. It should not rotate at all.

The red tabs on the headlight go into the red holes highlighted on the bulb. This prevents the bulb from rotating.

I placed the bulb into the headlight loose. Parking facing downhill will help gravity hold it in place. It WILL fall out if you're not careful.

Then, I placed the plastic locking ring over the bulb. The locking ring has a "top" indication.

I aligned that so when it was rotated to locking position, the "top" was at 1 o'clock.

In the photo below, the red line indicates 12 to 6 o'clock when installed/locked. So the silver tab at the bottom is at 6, and the "top" lettering is at 1.

The plastic locking ring has 3 tabs. They align with the 3 slots on the headlight itself. 2 of them are highlighted in blue in the photo below.

You need to clear the 2 nubs in the bulb itself (in purple in the photo above) if you do it in this order.

The benefit is that you can be 100% sure the bulb is correctly aligned before installing the plastic locking ring. Otherwise you need to try to hold the bulb in place, find the slots, and then rotate the plastic ring. If the bulb can rotate at all, you're doing it wrong. And as mentioned earlier, all parts lock on in the same direction.
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