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Hi All,
Hope everyone is safe and using the time at home to get cars ready for spring track season!

2 years ago I decided to take my K04 2008 setup down at 73,000 miles to do a complete build, including forged motor, refresh the DSG which already had LSD. Wanted around 500whp track car. So the car got the works including replacing just about everything with upgraded or OEM. List below of what the car has. So since completion I have had 2 major issues. First issue was on the first and only 3 laps in the car. Tuner left wrong plugs in car, electrodes melted off. With proper plugs in the car runs fine but two of the pistons have little bits of electrode on top so they need to be replaced.

Second problem is the one that just happened. Car has been sitting and I put in the plugs I mention above. It started right off with a flick of the key despite sitting for almost a year. Drove it around the neighborhood a few times and on the way home, just cruising the driver side axle bolts (all of them) came out and put a hole in the trans case. Needless to say this could have been very bad had it occurred on the back straight at AAA speedway going 130+. While I don't usually believe in signs, I am going to go with all the problems I have had with this as a sign that I should do something else.

So I am first going to see if anyone wants to buy this project from me. Trans case has a big hole in case so it cannot be driven and the motor needs a couple of pistons. Sounds great so far, right.

Firm price and this will be good for 30 days or so is - $10,000
2008 2dr DSG UG 75Kmi
If no bites on purchase of whole car I will start part out in mid March, ugh.
For pictures you can go to my build post - LINK
This offer is for someone who wants to part out or get in really cheap to go big turbo with a little extra money and time to work on it. I am just worn out and too old to want to do this anymore. I am only posting on the MKV forum.
Car is in Southern California

Now for the more attractive part of the offer. There is roughly 20,000 dollars in parts to be sold and that is selling them at used prices without even considering the engine or trans as part of that 20,000. The body and paint are in very nice shape and paint is glossy and soft to the touch. Headliner had just been replaced along with door inserts. New headlights, foglights, grilles, windshield. It is a very good looking car inside and out.

Description of Stuff most of which has less than 200mi.
Engine - FSI - BPY
Turbozentrum EFR 7163
Mahle 9:1 pistons 83mm
DM - Forged H-beam connecting rods
Calico Bearings
Supertech valves, retainers and guides
Golf R intake camshaft
Golf R oil pump with balance shafts removed
IE pinned crank pulley
RS4 fuel injectors
155 FPRV
Torquebyte PM3
Aquamist HFS4 v3.1 Direct inject - 10L reservoir in back hatch - vented to outside
HPA v2 intake manifold - drilled and threaded runners with aquamist fittings for jets
PTP firewall blanket
034 Motorsport Engine and Trans mounts
034 Motorsport pendulum arm
INA roller cam follower conversion kit
APR intercooler
Custom intake
Custom DV relocate
Custom turbo piping
Red top Coils
Golf R Map
BSH Catch Can
42DD Full TBE with HiFlo 200cell cat (Magnaflow muff will be replace with Burns Quiet muff)
AWE boost gauge
Trans - trans has about 10K miles on it since upgrades/refresh
Unitronic Stage III DSG tune (custom with extra clamping force)
New OEM clutch kit and seals
MFactory LSD
INA Engineering DSG cooling system (cools trans fluid)
Suspension - 200mi on these parts
Eibach Multi Pro R1 coilovers
034 Track Density strut mount
Epiceurotuning Tubular front control arms
034 Motorsport swaybar endlinks
034 Spherical Adjustable Rear control arms
034 Spherical rear trailing arms
034 Spherical adjustable rear toe links
Unibrace set - UB, XB and R
Eibach Sway bars - solid - 26f 23r
TyrolSport Deadset subframe kit
Corner balanced
Brembo (red) 18Z brakes - 6 piston F - 4 piston R (345/310)
RS3 Master cylinder & new GTI booster
Hawk HPS pads F/R - STREET
G-Loc R16 and R10 F/R - TRACK
Neuspeed Stainless lines F/R
Wilwood parking calipers
Tyrolsport Master Bracket
RS3 Front brake ducts
Fabless rear mount kit for pkg brake and Brembo caliper
Wheels - Tires
Michelin Sport Cup 2 - 225/40
Track Set - Neuspeed RSe5 - 18x8 (+45) - Michelin Sport Cup 2 - 225/40
Note - 18z Brembo calipers fit under all these wheels without spacers
FTP mod (FTP now come on with high beam – very bright)
FTP bulbs switched to yellow 2500K Noya
Morimoto LED fogs
Recaro Speedseats (recline/black w/red lettering, block fabric) on dual lock sliders
Schroth 4 point harnesses (red)
EuroKreations Rear Seat delete kit
When doing the build a number of OEM parts that are not performance related were replaced for new.
Wheel bearings f/r
Air Cond Compressor and hose
Throttle Body
Vacuum tubing and connectors
Knock sensors
LPFP controller
Radiator and coolant hoses / connectors
Radiator Fans and mount
All front grills - OEM with vented fogs


Master Wallet Mechanic

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Master Wallet Mechanic
Sad to hear...may be interested in a few things if you end up parting out
Thanks, I doubt anyone will buy it whole, so I expect to be taking it all apart.

Probably will take motor and trans out to repair before sale. Hoping to find a new trans case for not too much and will take motor down to check block and replace the pistons (2) that got the spark plug bits welded on to them. Motor currently runs strong with no smoke etc. But going to pull it apart an make it just right for new buyer, same with trans.
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