best floor jack for the $$?


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I'd still go with something lower profile like the Pittsburgh jack linked before.
I have a tall Craftsman jack (similar height to that U jack), it sits in the shed doing nothing now since it was too tall to fit under my cars...although it was a gift, it's a waste

How much is that U jack btw?
Depends on where you pick it up. $162 from summit, not sure on shipping:


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If you're a Costco member, your local store should have these in automotive aisle:

I picked one up last year, and for $99, it's a heck of a deal. I had never heard of Arcan either, but I've been using it for a year and haven't had any issues with it. Besides, I figure Costco wouldn't sell a bad jack (do they sell any bad products?) since dead customers are a lot less likely to renew their memberships.

To add yet another positive endorsement of Harbor Freight products, I've also had the Pittsburgh 1.5 ton racing jack for 6 years, and it's worked reliably for all that time. (The only reason I bought the 3 ton Arcan is the 1.5 ton doesn't have as much lift, and the Arcan cost lest than the 2-ton Pittsburgh.) My brother's been using his 2 ton Pittsburgh even longer than that, and his works just fine as well.

ARCAN (steel) jacks are some of the best out there. I’ve been abusing my low profile 3.5t for 13yrs, and has never failed, leaked, got mushy, or anything less than just working. I’ve had the aluminum “racing” jacks and all last about a year of use.

if I have to buy another floor jack, I’ll grab another ARCAN.