best floor jack for the $$?


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tired of not having a real jack! Looking for something low profile and preferably 3 ton. what do you guys use? Trying to stay away from harbor freight unless they really are the best option... thx!

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I have a craftsman 3 ton. It’s heavy and I had to mod it so the wheels would stay on, but other than that it’s been solid. I’ve had it 5-6 years now and use it at least weekly

Just bought a aluminum low profile 1.5 ton harbor freight specifically to support engine/transmission as a second jack. It’s not tall enough to do anything serious on a mk7, you’d never get jackstands under it. But just to swap tires at the drag strip or auto x it’ll be nice since it’s very light and compact.

I’ve used the harbor freight 3 ton aluminum jack, it’ll honestly be your best bet. Any jack can fail so be your own safety...never trust a jack, always put a minimum of two jack stands under the car before YOU get under the car. You should never be rely on a single stand or jack to keep the car off your head.

Obviously I should have better equipment for as much side work as I do, but properly inspected and maintained cheap stuff is better than expensive and neglected so do your part and you can diy for decades on bottom shelf lifting equipment. I’ll hopefully have my two post lift in the next year, need to build our new house first tho so it’s on the back burner so floor jacks till then

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I purchased mine from Lowes. Torin - listed on line at $95. Mine was on sale for around $80.
Low profile, mix of aluminum and steel so not super light but not a brick.
It was a 1.5 ton unit which is enough for GTI work. Works well and looks good.

min lift height - 3.5"
Max lift range - 14"
Weight 32lbs
Rust resistant
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Pittsburgh 3 ton low profile.

$79 a few days ago, probably still is.


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Pittsburgh 3 ton low profile.

$79 a few days ago, probably still is.

Seconded, got mine from HF about a year ago same price. If you go that route just make sure you top up the hydraulic fluid before you use it. :)


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How about a U-jack?

It sits about 4.5 inches off the ground when fully down.


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