Anyone accidentally run into someone famous?


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Was at Universal studios before the Harry Potter world opened in California, saw Mario Lopez cut through the line for the castle ride. Didn't think it was him, then his very distinct, "Hey, how's it going?" And sure enough!


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Saw Kevin Nash, Andy Peetree (ESPN Nascar commentator) and Mark Martin at the grocery store lol


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Chicago, IL
I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins. It was Johnny Hopkins, and Sloan Kettering, and they were blazin that shit up everyday.


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Boulder, CO
I worked on the green grass side at Shinnecock Hills and Ridgewood CC as a golf pro .. Had quite a few guys come through. My favorite was having Eli and Tom Brady on the same day coincidentally. Made for a couple good stories.

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St. Pete / Tampa
Just ran into Michael and Bob Bradley getting coffee this morning.

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Central NJ
One time I was on training trip with my swim team and my old roommate thought Chris Christie was on my flight so he told me since I was the only one from Jersey.

Turned out it was some other fat white guy :p


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Went to dinner at the Trump Resort in Florida, ran into Donald Trump (got a picture too)

As an FYI, his hands are cold as ice.


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I didn't want to bother Rand, but he was standing at the bar waiting on his table and, while I've met other celebrity types before, this was the first time I was awestruck.

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LOL, You were awestruck by Rand Paul :laugh:
Let's see. I used to work as a bag boy for a grocery store back in the late 90's, early 00's in middle school/high school. I met Fred Durst one day after he had a gig down here. This was before he got lost in the playboy mansion for a decade and fell off the edge of the earth.

Met Twiggy Ramirez from Marilyn Manson at a solo guitar-off event. He was just watching, not scheduled.

Met Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional twice, once outside of a mall, and the other at a dive bar. I don't really dig his music, but he's a cool dude. When I met him at the dive in 2007-08, he drove a MKV GTI.

Met Adam Sandler twice. Once while I was out to dinner with family, he was sitting at the table across from us. Then again at a high school basket ball court.

Met Trina and her then NBA star boyfriend, I forget his name, at some shitty club on Ocean blvd.

I met Paul Walker shortly after the release of Joy Ride, and before he got super big.

Met Tim Curry at Universal Citywalk's movie theater on Halloween as they were doing a Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute and he was a surprise guest. This is back in 2004? Long before his stroke.

I met Bill Clinton in high school when he did a tour of schools in leadership council programs.

Saw, and waved to Mandy Moore in college when she was on our campus filming something... not sure if it was a movie/video/doc/etc as I never saw it. Wish I had spoken to her but she was prepping for whatever it was she was doing and I had class. So hot.

I'm sure there's more, but south Florida is a hot spot for celeb run-ins.