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  • Hi,

    How are you. I'm O'neill from Malaysia.
    I'm driving a vw golf GTI mk6. And I'm using the brembo 18z from Porsche Cayenne/Q7. I'm looking for 2 piece disc rotor with 350mm x 32mm. But unfortunately, I can't find any in my country.
    So I'm thinking to CNC the center bell(rotor hat) on my own.
    Just wondering could you share the file?

    I'm looking to purchase a set of rotors/hats as well! Do you still fabricate them? Please advise and PM me.
    Looking to get a set of the rotors and hats for my 18Z Brembo calibers to fit my 2007 Jetta. Do you still have the hats and rotors available for purchase?


    Your message inbox is full. I have pictures of the seat held up to anthracite. And it matches. I'll send the picture over when your inbox isn't full
    Hey man I am really interested in getting this kind of brakes so can you please tell me where to get them? Any websites?
    It's about time someone designed and manufactured a quality rear brake upgrade bracket for the MKV.Good on you. One question. Your bracket only has 4 holes. 2 for mountung and 2 for the porsche caliper. How do you mount the Brembo ebrake caliper? Any chance you sending me your bracket design so I can have it made locally. Cant find anyone here prepared to take on the design.I have AP racing 6 pots on the front of my Eos and have AP 4 pots ready to go for the rear. Just need the right bracket. Cheers.
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