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  • The pendulum mount itself for TSI and FSI is the same, the only thing that is different is the torque mount insert.
    Hey man I'm new here and just wanted to be sure about something, I've searched high and low for which pendulum mount goes with my 2008.5 TSI mkV. I saw in your review thread that you got the FSI mount for yours?
    My original setup was the DVC30 kit with a DO3 nozzle and the pump set to 150psi.
    Now I run a DO1 in the TB spacer and eventually I will add a DO.75 to each runner in the intake manifold.
    ey bro nice audio setup. i was wondering if you can tell me what door speakers you are running since im having trouble finding some that fit. ive read that you have to get ones that fit like the stock ones or else if you do any cutting and what not, it will set off your airbag sensors.
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