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  • Hey do u take the 101 to the meet or the 118? I think the caravan is going down the 101 tomorrow. But if u want to meet up with us just text me at 805-341-4335
    I go to this guy named karey there. He's really good he knows his stuff. If u go there just say ur friends with me and he will hook u up and thanks I get that from all my friends haha
    it wasnt a good turnout but in 2 months there will be another one, any car is allowed and r u goin to this thursdays in northridge? i might meet up wit some gtis in moorpark and caravan wit them
    One more question is it possible I could use your wheels for a Photoshoot cuz I want to be in the wrong fitment crew and I need aftermarket wheels in the picture and I dot have aftermarket wheels anymore
    Ya I heard I could break a bolt but I could go to home depot or somewhere to get it right? And I think the plug will fit mine too cuz the only think different in our engines is like internal. I'm helping my friend work on his car tomorrow so if u want we could meet up and see?
    I have a seems easy but I don't want to miss it up and I want to do it myself since it's a catless also
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