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    FS: Coolingmist stage 1 meth kit

    Cleaning out some old stuff, as title says ive got a coolingmist stage 1 water meth kit, brand new never installed. Its this kit Comes with 200 psi 1.3gph pump hobbs switch anti siphon solenoid cm5 nozzle nozzle...
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    The Official Unofficial FAQ for Big Turbo FSI owners Pt2

    Off slightly...nice whine. Diff looks good
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    The Official Unofficial FAQ for Big Turbo FSI owners Pt2

    Figured u guys like this, new beetle turbo with the new new new tsi... New coils to look forward to breaking
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    The Official Unofficial FAQ for Big Turbo FSI owners Pt2

    Easter Sunday is for car stuff no?
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    Fs: WhiteLine ALK Kit~

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    The Official Unofficial FAQ for Big Turbo FSI owners Pt2

    So the last thread was good, lets make this one better. I need help with my ebc, ive lowered my settings a decent amount, on higher rpms in 4th or 3rd i overboost and dont like it, im sure neither does my engine. Its weird cuz with current settings i can hit 23.4psi in the 3rd but only like...
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    FS: Used Autotech hpfp

    Up for sale, a used autotech hpfp...comes assembled in the pump already however the n275 valve is slightly cracked and may not make shipping. there is no thrust sensor or purge valve, you just swap yours. The bamboo fitting was ported out, this pump is always spot on req v act. only reason im...
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    FS: WRD Sport springs

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    ***Official: The end of the Mayan World Tristate Dyno Day***

    Ok guys its about that time to start this up. Conglomerategti and I have been talking about getting a dyno day in the books. We want to keep it open to all with no requirements on power...although open to all I'd like to see big turbos and hooked up rabbits but Anyone's welcome. EDIT:Classes...
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    ****FS: FSI AWE 2.5" catted downpipe****

    As title states, awe 2.5" metal cat downpipe. Dunno mileage on her and the bottom mounts are broken off. Trying to get local pickup in the tristate and if no buyers h2o pickup as well. Asking 250 obo
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    ****FS: Bsh Throttle Body Pipe****

    Up for sale is the Bsh throttle body pipe for the 06-08 fsi gti. It has less than 1k miles on it. It has all parts and pieces. Sorry for the bad pic. Pm on here, wanna try for local pickup in the tristate. Asking 130 shipped obo
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    Fs: OEM K04 Kit

    Ok so i have a mostly complete kit outlined here: (1) USED OEM K04 Turbo ~8k miles, It was checked by a certified VW technician and is said to be in like new condition. He liked it alot just fyi. The N75 Is BROKEN so buy a new one or swap it from your K03, same part. It also needs two...