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  • Hi bro,

    been told to ask u to help me figure out my problem.

    Car : 2007 gti mk5

    the problem started after going stage 2 remap with catless downpipe..when ever i go downhill for a long time and if i stop on a junction and started to move again a big bluish puff of smoke came out my exhaust and then all is normal,no smoke on hard acceleration,only while driving downhill with off throttle.

    here a video of my problem

    i have changed the turbo and changed oil from 5-30 to 10-40 with no luck,changed my pcv and then went full pcv delete and still same,i think i have 2 options now:

    1- valve stem seals.
    2- piston rings.

    car does not smoke in 1st startup in the morning.

    i hope i can get this solved before i go down with piston rings.

    Thank you
    i have a question pcv wise if you can just vent it into the exhaust like you said why cant you just run a hose to the bottom of your car and let it just run out? i dont understand what the importance of it feeding back into the engine after the CC is?
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