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    FS: 3 Piece Starform Type D

    For sale three piece Starform Type D $1,400 picked up with tires (80% tread) 5x114.3 17x8 et35 with 205/45/17 17x9 et35 with 215/45/17 hub rings so they fit vw's
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    Michael Kors watch, Gucci money clip, etc.

    Michael Kors watch warn about 2 times- $150 Nixon Player watch- $40 Gucci Money clip- $50
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    RCD310 Cheap!

    selling my rcd310 with radio code for 70 shipped with code fairly sure you can use this with an mk5 with an adapter cable
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    FS: V Checker PRO, 5x112 Spacers, MKV GTI Grill

    V Checker Pro -sold 16mm spacers and extended bolts - $75 12mm spacers and extended bolts - $75 Spotless MKV GTI Grill - $50
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    MKV gti parts: roof bars, open fog grills, lip etc

    getting rid of some random stuff cluttering my garage, let me know what you like. Bars - $170 Open fogs - $40 Yellow high beams - $10 Rear Eibach springs (dont know much about them) - $25 Black grill with euro holes plugged and white stripe (one crack) - $25 Spotless OEM GTI grill...
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    Saying goodbye to the GolfMKV world / cdwalls timeline

    Well, I figured I would make a brief timeline and a goodbye thread. Ill try to keep the pictures to a minimum by only showing 1 or 2 from each stage of the car. I only had the car a year and had big plans for it, but when it kept ending up in the shop, I figured I had to cut my losses and get...
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    MKV vs. e36 m3 4dr

    I was cruising around town the other night and came up to a pristine e36 m3 four door at a stop light. He looked at me and revved his engine a little bit, probably up to 4 grand. So what did I do? Told him to grow up, just kidding I returned the rev. When the light turned green we both kinda...
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    Stalling in the drivethrough

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    New sound from the engine..

    Alright so recently I have been noticing my car making this clicking sort of sound. Sometimes it increases with the revs but sometimes I don't hear it. here is the sound, can anyone help? usually only hear it at parking lot speeds. Also on occasions I hear a...
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    Volkswagen star wars march epic
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    FT: 17" Classix/Brand new tires

    I have some brand new 215/45/17s on my classix and was just putting this thread up to see if anybody has anything to trade. 2 wheels have light rash. Looking for OEM vw or audi mostly... Never opposed to AMG. :thumbsup: I could add cash on top if they are nice wheels. located in chicago, more...
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    Shipping from USA to Canada = lesson learned

    I figured i would create a thread in the off topic section about my experience with shipping. I was contacted by a buyer (taylormac, good guy :thumbsup:) who was interested in buying my wheels. Now this was my first time shipping wheels let alone shipping them out of the country so i did not...
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    DIY: Plastidip WITH plate holes!

    This is my first little write up/DIY so if i missed anything contact me and ill help you out! Ok so I looked for a long time to try to find a plasti dip with plate holes thread and couldn't find one so i honestly thought it couldn't be done well since plasti dip gets really clumped and uneven...
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    i have an akai professional MPD26 mpc for sale. Been taken care of very nicely and every pad,knob, and slider work like they did when i bought it brand new. I used it with Reason 5 and it synced nicely. I am looking to get 150 but willing to negotiate A LITTLE
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    ECS European LED Tail Light Set??

    So im sure people one here have these but im wondering if they are worth getting. im just curious to see what they looked like on and functional so post up your pics/reviews.