DIY: Plastidip WITH plate holes!


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This is my first little write up/DIY so if i missed anything contact me and ill help you out! Ok so I looked for a long time to try to find a plasti dip with plate holes thread and couldn't find one so i honestly thought it couldn't be done well since plasti dip gets really clumped and uneven easily. I figured i would try it myself and it goes a little somethin like this!
The goods. Obviously a can of black plasti dip first.

next i needed something to fill the holes and something that hardend so i could sand it. At first i got some epoxy i had to mix but that was garbage and was like glue, my second try i got this Plastic Wood shtuff. prefect

next i just filled the holes with the Plastic Wood (didn't need to look perfect since its going to be sanded)

So at this point there was no turning back since i sanded. i originally bought 400 grit to sand the grill but need something a little less (not sure what number but it was still fine grained, possibly 300) i sanded each hole area until it was completely flat and smooth as a babys booty
Ok so now that all the areas with Plastic Wood have been sanded by the 300 or so grain, i sanded the whole grill with 400 grit.

Ready for action

Sprayed the first coat very lightly. Do not spray plastidip like spray paint. (wait about 30 minutes between sprays)

3 light coats later

6 coats later

7th coat (yes i know thats a lot of coats :0, grill is significantly heavier lol) and i felt like it was done, probably could keep going if the hole areas aren't completely covered.

Dark shot but i had to get it on ASAP to see it because i was impatient, also had to go cruise and of course i got pulled over but whatever, taters gunna tate


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It looks real good. But if u went through the trouble of sanding why didn't you just paint with normal paint? Wanted the flat matte look?


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Nice write up


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It's fairly simple to remove the chrome face, just use a small flat head and pry it off one area at a time and you should be able to just pop it off. It's nearly impossible not to break one of the clips, but if you do it careful enough you may be able to get it out without a break, even still, it'll clip back in just fine.