Saying goodbye to the GolfMKV world / cdwalls timeline


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Well, I figured I would make a brief timeline and a goodbye thread. Ill try to keep the pictures to a minimum by only showing 1 or 2 from each stage of the car. I only had the car a year and had big plans for it, but when it kept ending up in the shop, I figured I had to cut my losses and get rid of it. Amazing car to drive and I think that the little changes that I made over time made it stand out from any other car in traffic. I bought the car from a private seller who did not keep it in the best of shape, but he was local and it had the options i wanted. :iono:
Here are pictures from the first day I bought her. The only mod was Eibach springs. :barf::help:

I was a little embarrassed driving around with those red inserts so I painted the wheels all black.

That was a little better. I had some extra cash laying around so i decided to buy some wheels. I bought chrome 18' AMG monoblocks.

After I realized i needed to be lower in order to pull them off, I sold them. At the same time, i traded my black huffs for some classix. :thumbsup:

Next thing I purchased were OEM roof bars. I had planned to buy the bike attatchment but never got around to it :lol:

After being surrounded by friends with lower cars, I decided to get serious about going lower. I bought a set of used FK Silverline X's from Cody (rollineuro). He also installed them for me because hes lyke teh bezt in the wrld. :wub:

I also bought a front lip from him shortly after.

It was around this time when i great deal on some Cobra wheels popped up in the area but I was so broke from the recent maintenance costs I couldnt scoop them up. It was at that point that i realized i needed to get rid of the POS. (actual POS tho..)
These last pictures are from the trip to eurohangar and shortly after the car was sold. :rolleyes:

Now onto the good news, I recently purchased a 2012 Jetta SE. Its nice because it will be the first car in a year that I wont have anxiety about if it starts in the morning lol :lol: I also am more willing to spend good money on modifications and I have some plans for the future :) I plan to bag it and find some 18" Carlsson wheels. I also plan for smaller mods likehood notch/badgeless grill, tints, front lip, side skirts, and the small rear trunk spoiler. May take some time since I am a typical college student, but im in no rush. I will probably still lurk GolfMKV as a habit so please dont kick me out!! :frown: Here she is!



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What kinda problems were you having with the mkv that you decided it needed to go?