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    From the my first designer handbag became a lv. But this time my taste changed to more brands, specifically those will be more colorful. I wouldn’t center on one brand, but select hundreds brands. Style, Color, Design, and Price. Choose something is assigned to on your own is essential.
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    Oh btw, what i`m looking for in a GTi is to have it Coupe, Leather Interior, & Climatronic (i guess this is one combination that is really hard to find). i saw different expos, yet the prices and mileage is unbelievable. a 100K Mile, Manual Trans, with leather & climatronic is for 21K $. i find that a bit out of range for a high mileage manual car.
    hey man, thanks for the reply, btw, i`m Charbel Abou Hanna. concerning the GTI MK5 2Doors, can u tell me the mileage & the price for the car? thanks in advance. i added u on FB, so nice to meet u and catch u soon. thanks again. :)
    Hey man , I have some friends who want to sell their GTI , Fi a 2006 GTI MK5 2 doors DSG super clean from Kettaneh , R32 rear tail lights , r32 wheels and MTM stage 1 remap! hes my friend tell me if u want to see it! I can find you GTIz tell me what u need.. I recomend the DSG edition because it is fun to drive , no problems with the DSG so far , my friend has a STAGE 2 APR and the DSG is still going strong , his ODO is 80xxxMiles , and the DSG is intact. I have many connections to get the best stuff for our cars , If u need anythign let me know... Add me on Fb if u want : Aldo Abi Habib
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