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    You possibly can’t imagine how lovely the watch is. More amazingly I only paid half of an original price! It is going to never happen around the local stores. Eventhough it takes 7 days for, I still recommend you to get your handbag from there.
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    Hey Vins25, i live in lebanon too, i am looking for a GTI as well , 06/07 in case i find one. yet i have high doubts concerning the DSG & the issues with the MU. can u give me any feedback about that from ur side? ever had a serious problem with ur GTI that u thought costs really high to fix? just taking an idea about the car to see if i settle on one or not.
    (btw, i drive an MKIV 1.6L! i know! 0-100Km in 16 Minutes lol!)
    Thanks man
    i've seen a couple of GTI's in Roumieh, do you know any of the guys there. It would be fun to meet up. we always race at La Marina Dbayeh, but never with GTI's.

    anyway before i bore you even more
    have a nice weekend
    this is my number if you need anything.

    we have 3 groups on facebook:

    PSI Extreme

    1.8T and 2.0T owners Lebanon

    upsolute chiptuning Lebanon
    have you done anything to your car yet? if you need anything, i have a few things, and i can get anything easily.

    My car has a UPSOLUTE Remap, Forge Twintercooler, KN typhoon series cold air intake, BSH engine Mounts and Torque Pendulum, Supersprint Exhaust, Forge DV, Forge Oil Catch can, custom rear sway bar,extended carbon fiber paddle shifters, and i can't remember what else. i'm ordering something new for my car, its still a secret, so i cant tell you what it is at the moment.

    btw if you are a new GTI owner dont forget to check your cam follower once in a while, if you recently got your car, that is the first thing you should do.

    btw i also have the VAG. com scanner for our car so dont waste money and go to Mechanics just ask me its for all of us to share. i check my car for faults every week.
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