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  • Hey, I im’d you a while back but maybe those are Broken like the notification emails. I’m in Dfw area also.
    Oh interesting... I didn't know they made something like that.

    That appears to address what I'm talking about. Hmmm.

    Thanks. I'll research it further once I'm out of work, lol.
    Hmm, I'm not familiar with a pedal sensor but I'm not sure if I want to go that route if a new tune instead could correct the majority of those driving issues. I really wish these tuner shops had a car on-site that could be used as a tester for potential customers.

    I live near APR tuning shops and Unitronic. I'm so tempted to go Unitronic from all the goods I hear about them but I really want to drive one first to be sure. Unfortunately they don't give out test drives to sample these tunes :/
    Well that is true also for me. I went through APR stage 1, 2, and now 2+. Appears to have been the same all the way through as far as I can recall.

    It's not normal just because it's turbo. My previous SRT4 neon had no such thing. It was also not an electronic throttle however which I believe is a big part of the issue. The computer isn't fast enough to keep up with real world throttle scenarios and thus the lag. A mechanical throttle is instant. No hesitation or lag as it's mechanically inclined to do whatever you make it do whether good or bad for the engine.

    I also think if you think about it, the mk6 GTI is based on Mk5 technology which is hella old nowadays. I'm sure Mk7 throttle is improved substantially but I never drove one to confirm.
    I'm manny and honestly I hate everything about it lol. I hate the horrible lack of low end power when taking off at a light. Then to get power, I need to really give it gas, but then it sounds like I'm racing everyone.

    It also does the horribly annoying thing where let's say you are approaching a red light so you let off the gas and are going maybe 5mph about to stop, but then it turns green so you hit the gas again, it has this terrible delay/lag where it's like trying to catch up. Then when it finally wakes up, it jerks you forward hard. Super annoying.

    I suppose when I'm on the highway, everything is fine because there isn't much going on at that point. I'm either moving consistently or flooring it so all is well. I just think low end driving is terrible and makes me hate the car, lol.

    I've read other tunes seem to correct a lot of the low end driving issues such as Unitronic or Cobb...
    I don't go out of my way to do hw pulls but if we happen to see each other out and about just honk.
    Sorry, about the long time between the last response. Last week was hectic, lot of stuff happened back to back. That civic project sounds dope. Used to have a evo, I love anything awd. I want to build a boosted r32 or a golf r, sometime in the next few years. Also want to build a frs, gotta finish school first though. I'll pm you my number.
    I heard mixed reviews about the meet, seems from the sound of it was a lot of douche nozzles.
    Anyway, got the fmic on today. Seems i can tell a small difference also relocated license plate. You have a phone
    I want to swap a vtec into my wifes 01 crv, thing weighs nothing on a civic frame and awd. Just for the lulz!
    Nah, didn't make it. Got a sinus infection or something over last day or so, trying to kick it before it gets worse. Work was really bad this week lol. How soon are you planning on upgrading your turbo?
    Have you done any suspension upgrades? Control arm bushings are worth it, got powerflex ones on my car.
    Custom brackets aren't an issue if the price savings is there. I have a mig and saw :)
    I just wasnt sure how the plumbing worked.
    Did you make it to cars and coffee? I hear a lot of peeps meet up at hooters in frisco around 10pm saturday nights amd then go hit some highway pulls. I would like to go watch one of these days..
    Ecs sells a couple mishimoto universal kits.

    also saw this one, seems to have everything, just need some custom brackets to mount behind fog light on right side.

    another uk option:

    I also was looking at a upgraded oil pan. Only two real options Wortec or Iabed

    iabed also makes a delete kit for the oem exchanger:

    I want to mount a oil cooler on the right side, and eventually a dsg cooler on the left side, delete both fogs. Probably would be cheaper to buy the parts individually. Need custom brackets though.
    I think an oil cooler would be easy to to build. Only thing that may be difficult is the plumbing. You can get a fan with a thermostat on it so you wont have to worry about it. Do you have a link on the oil cooler you are looking at? I would think the most expensive parts would be rhe hose and AN fittings.
    I'm not planning on spending 4k on e85, I'll go BT before that. I'm waiting for the prices to go down on e85 compatible parts.. 1600 for a hpfp is outrageous. Nostrum energy developed both hpfp and injectors but they want a kidney for them. I have the same fmic, no complaints so far. I still want to invest in a oil cooler.
    Why would you spend 4k to run on e85 when you could just go ko4 and make same or more power?
    I have ran atv,dirtbikes on alky which i assume is similar to ethanol. You would almost jave to double your main jet size. I bought a arm fmic and it seems to be great quality. Also got license plate relocation bracket.
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