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  • Also, ran a 2015 mustang coyote fbo yesterday. It was a pretty even race, we only hit 120 due to traffic but I would have liked to run it all the way..
    I built many ac VW and best response was dual 48ida webber's. Look at the pedal and it would rev, but it had a aggressive lump stick so you had to get rpm up anyway..
    I was talking to a friend this am, he has a newer dodge. (��) he told me he purchased some type of pedal sensor that is directly connected to the tb. Not by wire but computer signal or something of that nature. Said it was $150 and throttle response was instant..wonder if there is aftermarket such thing for mk6? I'm going to look around and see..
    I dont seem to have those issues, it's like any other manny. Just have to rev it to the correct rpm and go. It is a bit laggy compared to a na car but such is life. I really didn't notice much difference from stage 1-2+ as far as lack of low end.
    Hey man, what's up? I see that you dislike your apr 2+ tune and I'm wondering why? I have same tune and I have not driven with another tune so have nothing to compare to. Are you auto or manny and if auto do you have dsg tune? I'm manny and I really dont have any complaints, runs strong considering my motor is consuming a quart every 500 miles.(yea its trash working on getting a replacement) just interested in your take. Thanks!
    I was looking at pictures of your gti are your wheels einkeis?
    If so where did you find the hub covers?
    Hey, the link to the one I bought is this:

    But honestly, I haven't used it much outside of just charging my phone because I mostly use the Satellite radio I have paid for in the car. I've never maneuvered thru the playlist features or anything within the phone because I don't even have any music installed on my phone. I mostly bought the cable for the day that I DO decide to play around with it and I do use it for charging...

    EDIT: Actually upon reading the description, it says:
    Must still control music selection and volume through audio device if one is used.

    That answers your question I believe.
    I'm also looking to switch from Apple MDI cable to Android, but would like to maintain the playlist and other functions through the Dynaudio stereo system. Can you provide details/link on the cable you bought? Does it display playlist and can you control it through stereo?
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