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VW Golf Estate mkv boot rain leaking


New member
Hi All,
That's my first post on this forum and I'm a owner of a VW Golf Estate 1.9TDi mkv.
I'm following this forum for a while and it's been really helpfull helping the small issues on my car. Thank to all of you.
when it rains, I noticed that on top of the retractable boot cover, there is a small puddle of water... Looking to the top interior trims around the boot, they are wet, specially on the joints is dripping. Please see pics attached. I have checked inside of the boot, spare wheel and it's completely dry.
Any idea where the leaking is coming from? Any chance of the leaking to come from the sealing of the roof bars? Boot door hinges?
I was thinking to get a sealant and apply it on roof bars, hinges, etc, any suggestion about the sealant?
Many Thanks for your help.